About VK

At 63 years of age, I am proud to share my skills and observations in the field of Video, Photo, Audio and computers with the readers. To learn these trade / skills I followed the self learning path than going to institutions. I am an Indian by birth and Bhartiya at heart, because originally being Bharatiya has different culture and thought process than modern confused Indian. This is how it all started – – –

At age 12 my interest was more in learning any skills than playing games with friends. Somehow elder family members thought I was good for nothing, to prove my ability I used to take everything as a challenge and try to achieve success. I learned from my father about radio receivers, assembled my 3 band radio set. My interest in technical field made me select 4 years course of Technical Subjects for Secondary School Certificate. The subjects were Mechanical Drawing, Elec./Mech. engineering Theory and Practical training of Black Smith, Foundry, Carpentry, Machine shop and Residential Electrical wiring. I completed this course in year 1965.

This technical training gave me confidence to try my skills in Carpentry, Machine shop and Residential Electrical wiring, even tailoring skill helped me to make my own shirts and trousers. I assembled my own bicycle, worked in 2 and 4 wheeler repair shops. Even completed some carpentry contracts and residential Electrical wiring contracts. Worked in a photo studio as an assistant.

In 1967 I completed 6 months duration Radio repair course in just 15 days, under special permission to stay 11 hours a day in that course premises. I started my own Radio repair shop to earn my living. During those days I developed some “FIRST in India” items such as Integrated Sound System for schools, smallest Stereo Amp+Radio receiver using Vacuum Tubes, the size was 8X5X20 inch dimensions. A Test JIG for Earpiece and Mouthpiece of telephone hand set used in those days.

Year 1971 I had done special layout for motor control PCB while working in a factory. Those days I had surprised many IBM engineers by replacing a magnetic core memory board from their memory bank unit, in just an hour and then suggested how a single defective memory core can be replaced by a better memory core externally adding on a PCB.

Then year 1972 joined a Polytechnic institute to help assembled electronic circuit board for lab experiments. Developed special display boards to teach oscilloscope and common fault finding methods, Color Television circuit board and 4 step Synchronized Timer board for spot welding as teaching aid. Stepper motor wireless control system as remote controlled positioning device.

Year 1975 for 6 months worked with a bank, having 22 storied office building, for smoke detection + alarm system and to maintain electronic gadgets. Then worked with a company, making conveyor belt control panels, belt weighing machines and auto weigh feeders used for iron-ore handling.

Year 1977 got a break, as a Plant Technician Electronics, joined a company in Iran, making Biscuits, Wafers, Sweets, Corn products and Pharmaceutical products. There I had money to invest in photography, I purchased my first Chinon SLR camera.

Year 1983 gave me hopes to move forward, I joined local branch of Unilever company in Oman, as Technician for photocopy and Microfilm equipment. Here I started part time Video – Photo coverage jobs.

Year 1989 worked as manager with a company dealing in Microfilm systems in Oman.

Year 1990 in Oman I became self employed, done repair jobs of control systems on various machines,  as well as Video – Photo coverage jobs.

Year 1995 started a Digital Studio with the help of a local sponsor. That studio was first in Oman and probably first in the world (according to Fujifilm international marketing excutive from Japan). I used Fujix DS505 camera and Pictrography 3000 printer with Apple Macintosh computer using Adobe Photoshop V.3 image editing application. I developed my expertise in image editing, manipulation and restoration. I established my name as best Video – Photo coverage service provider.

Year 2002 return to India, done variety of jobs, tried to establish my identity and promote my skills.

Year 2007 worked as a teacher for Computer Graphics in a school following Cambridge syllabus.

Year 2009 started educational workshops till this day for Video – Photo – Audio – Computers and Persian to English classes for Iranian students.

Under VPAC banner I am arranging training program in Video Photo Audio Computer skills, with individual or group of 10, for details contact me on


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