Dharm, Religion, Society, and Cast

06 May

Continuation of Human?. . . .During the period of Ved every Master or Guru or Rushy as a human being had acquired the deep knowledge of a particular force created by main Natural Energy Vibrations. To each force the respective Rushi gave a name as a Dev or Devi for the benefit of a layman. These Rushi or Guru realized the need to maintain the harmony and continuity of human race, they collectively helped to form a set of rules and duties to be followed by every individual human being and acknowledged those rules as Sanatan Dharm, had no originator, never ending and no location boundaries.
But Religion is formed by an individual, as a representative of God and acknowledged as Prophet. Religion has various interpretation of rules and duties to be followed by every individual human being depending upon the location of that prophet. The followers of the Sanatan Dharm were formed as a large group called Samaj = society. The Rushi or Guru had knowledge and expertise of each organ in a human body, so they formed the society as a human body working with collective process of each organ. They developed the society in four classified groups – Bramhan – Kshatriya – Vaishaya – Shoodra (not Kshudra means neglected) of individuals, who had specific qualities and abilities to perform.
Brahman – as an adviser, the duties of a Brahman was to gather and process external and internal information for betterment of the society, other three organs had to help these advisers to function, not to create a hurdle. Kshatriya – to take care of external and internal safety / security measures for the society, other three organs had to help Hands and Legs to carryout the duties in best possible manner. Vaisha – to deal with external and internal required resources of every organ of the society, other three organs had to help   Vaisha organs to function. Shoodra – to handle internal required communications of each and every organ, irrespective of importance in the society. Other three organs had to help the Shoodra organ to function with equal importance as others. Every individual of the society had to take care of his/her own hygiene and the disposal without disturbing others.The Cast was decided as per a job selected by an individual for living a comfortable life, provided he or she had ability to carry out that job. It was not necessary, the children born in a cast can not select some other job. The selected job used to affect the daily routine, so the food habits/intake, so the thinking habits, so the approach to life. Every Cast had equal importance and bindings in the society like a normal human being following the law of Sanatan Dharm. Today there are lot of confusion and hate campaigns to abuse that old society structure and the way of life. There are followers of modern way of living, expecting change in life style like changes of natural seasons. I do not find any change in the structure or form of seasons causing drastic change in human forms and daily routine.This modern way of life, society is a public limited company with pyramid like structure, someone at the top and rest are spread within the boundaries of that pyramid with levels spreading from top to bottom, accepted by the top boss. There is a CEO, advisers / directors, group of executives, managers, supervisors, workers and then beggars searching for the food. This modern society has no binding of Dharm or Religion, conventional Class or Cast. Each group in this company has unions to put forward the demands of each follower of that group. There is separate education system to qualify an individual in particular field of services. The fact is the education system and syllabus are controlled by a CEO or advisers or executives from this public limited company. This new public limited company has goals, aiming for monetary gains, for that these people are ready to sell this company to highest bidder, if possible acquire other companies by wooing them for better life. Oh no, there is no room for human emotions and values, money is God.
I wonder by Whom, Why, How the Sanatan Dharm was twisted, interpreted as outdated and so neglected in this modern India. Though Sanatan Dharm existed in this part of the world for millions of years, even today there are followers / admirers and will be there in future, I hope so.
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