K9 Culture

I believe in choice so that there is freedom of selection for me as well as for others. It is unethical to expect that what ever subject or object or path I have selected should be accepted by others with same interest or intensity. It is not a civilized way to treat who ever accepting ones selection is ones friend or else enemy or brainless, I think to have opinion of this sort is dangerous self centered mentality. There is a danger in giving importance to freedom of selection when that freedom is causing discomfort or pain to other member of society or community. I feel the people who are misusing the freedom of selection should be punished and treated as enemy of the society or community.

Taking advantage of freedom of selection number of sects and cultures are formed and certainly will be formed in the future. K9 culture is also spreading all over the world, in some cases it is helpful for individual but in many cases it is causing trouble to others. Hope I do not sound rude, K9 culture  means a Dog culture.

Security by K9 force – A very good use, the special abilities of K9 force for securing a location, use in crime investigation and law enforcement. I salute to this force. But rest of the variations in the K9 culture is bad for Human race in general. I will try to say why I say so, through my last 15 years of close encounters with such K9 culture followers. I have found few sub cultures, K9 as friends, K9 Parenting, K9 as Status symbol, K9 Partners, K9 Business and Services, K9 Mindset of humans. Like we humans has variety of temperaments which forms various groups, same way the groups of K9 are formed.

Some k9 are very friendly, some very agile, some very lazy, some mad and some very dangerous at certain conditions. K9 as friends culture has two sub sections. One section is K9 and Human maintaining equal status but do not cross the boundaries. There is no overpowering on each other. But in second section the humans are acting as if servants to a K9, following the whims of a K9 while forgetting their own needs as a human. I have seen these people forming their own secluded group, with great interest discussing the whims and their efforts to please their K9 master at their special tea party or “K9 Party”.K9 Parenting culture followers also has two sub sections. One section has their own family but they are over enthusiastic to form a K9 family within their own family out of sheer love for K9 community, totally forgetting the trouble or headache to neighbors. The other sub section followers are those who could not maintain good relations with their family members,  resulting to remain away from their own wards because of that they fulfill their strong hold on their K9 family members.

I came across few those who unexpectedly became rich and famous, they are eager to show money power, so they keep K9 in the house, a servant to look after that K9, they talk about how much they paid, how much money spending on food and grooming every month. To make these public they arrange house parties or visit the popular spots so that others should talk about their new found pass time and money. Some rich and famous develops the habit to disturb the overgrown K9 by showing off extra affection towards it or to prove their upper hand and make the K9 run, listen to orders, fetch unwanted objects. Within couple of weeks the K9 learn to behave like the master, starts to lie down on the master bed, sofa and in the arms of the woman folk of that house. I have noticed how such K9 looking disgusted at the owners to follow various fullish orders, reluctantly following just one order out of persistent demands of the master.

Some entrepreneurs have made huge profits by starting K9 clinic, K9 medicine specialist, K9 special diet suppliers, K9 trainers, K9 advisers, K9 beauty parlor and K9 grooming schools. These ventures are proving very profitable, this has become 4 to 5 digit earning sector. It surprises me how in this period of inflation and high cost of living there are such people manage to spend on K9 and parading in the society to show their love towards K9.

The most dangerous trend in humans is to follow the inherent quality of K9 to kee licking everything, good or bad, that is the way a K9 finds a way to survive. The parents, teachers, officers, politicians are giving importance to such K9 qualities, finding ways to teach these qualities and striving for their survival in so called modern society.
It has so happened that I had some interactions with such proud K9 lovers. On one occasion a K9 shown his teeth marks on two kids playing in the garden. There was heated arguments about carelessness shown by the proud owner of that K9. With great pride he told the mothers of those kids. ” do not worry, 10 days before my K9 had been medicated and safe for any dog bite. For some time kids will feel pain and will forget the bite.” What shameless character? Those ladies had good chance to use their abusive vocabulary.

A month past and one more accident occurred. A pony tailed (apt word for the thought polluted young girl) girl left her pretty K9 friend without the leash. It came on me running and jumping. With past bad experiences I took the safe posture and requested that pony tailed girl “please put the leash on your friend, it is advised by law to put leash on every animal as safety” She kept on explaining me the good behavior of her K9 friend. I told her straight, “I do not believe any animal, even some humans, please take care of your friend” She turned with anger shaking her pony tail, lifting the k9 in her arms, saying loud enough “bloody manner less old man trying to teach me” and went away.I was completing my last round of evening walk, the pony tailed returned with her husband, “you seem to be educated, you must understand we love our dog, any body touch him we will not excuse the person, you got no rights to insult my wife” I was polite first to explain what has happened but his last remark has to be answered “if the so called educated go on telling lies and insulting elders by saying “bloody manner less old man” then thank God I am not that educated like you and your wife. You may love this dog like your child but can not expect other should, this is my last warning, next time if this dog comes running behind me I will finish it then and there, will not bother to inform you”. The expected message hit the couple, with bad face they went to their flat.

Some month past and one new entrant to this society, again a pony tailed lady, left her extra energetic K9 child on the road without the leash. That was my second round of evening walk, that dog came on me and straight jump to my chest, I was extra prepared and shouted stop, surprisingly that dog stopped. The lady, ” please do not get scared, he is very loving, and love to play with people, he has been medicated just last week.” this shameless statement annoys me more, ” madam ask my wife I am also very loving and love to love. Can I take you in my arms or you take me in your arms? I want to know your husbands reactions.” Surprisingly she started using leash on that K9.

Oh yes. last month my neighbor went on 15 days vacation, he managed to put his K9 at Rs. 300 per day in a K9 hostel. Where a family of four is surviving in just Rs. 150 a day. What a lucky K9.

I hope now readers you could get my point that people do misuse the freedom of choice or selection, wish you happy reading.
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4th D of a Coin

From the child hood I was told to look at “other side of the coin,” in particular when ever I complaint or shown my disagreement to any incidence or an event. It is like I am giving my version of the event but I was told to find out the many other versions of that event, something like positive or negative side of that event. After taking part in many social gatherings and programs “the third side of that coin” became prominent by searching  cause and effect of every event or incidence. That was like “size and shape of the coin or event or incidence and under what pressure from which side.” Yet some very shocking results of incidences or events forced me to find out who is the user, what is the purpose to use “this coin”. In short it became apparent to know the user / planner / purpose behind any event or incidence which is “the fourth D to a coin”. In reality for me it became essential to observe any incidence or event through this “fourth dimension.”So to elaborate my point I just looked at an incident which had shocked many and the perception of that incident had many sides or angles. There was a news on the front page, in bold letters, in a popular daily, “7 robberies in one night in spite of modern security system and security personnel present in a big society!!” It made me think why on front page, is it “fourth D” ??? The name of the robbery location was of the same building where I stay. The news was genuine but many points were not put in right perspective.

I am trying to put forward the layout of the location where the robbery took place. There are five wings A B C D and E, each wings has 3 buildings. There are 8 floors in ABCD building . The wing E and one building in C wing has 11 floors. At present there are 544 flats occupied in wing A B C and D wing, E wing has 132 flats, many of them are occupied. In the wing C a 11 floors building is under construction, 24/7 there are workers moving around, some workers are residing over night in that building. The contractor has used a separate security agency for this under construction flats and also for the flats in E wing. Other 544 flats has separate security agency and there are 16 CCTV cameras with 24/7 recording system.

These images show the installation of such a camera in my building. I wonder for what this notice is displayed in the entrance of every building? Was it free of cost or to prove the security seriousness of the management of the building? The location of the camera is watching the legal tenants or user of the building, what about the illegal entries such as these robberies? See the defects in installation of camera and the wiring connections, it shows the level of competence of the supplier and installation agency. Oh and not to forget the knowledge level of the management about security system to approve such installation and pay for it a large amount. These questions are part of that “fourth dimension of a coin”. Do you agree?
The innovative idea of restricting the entry area of a building by fixed iron grill in every building is  to achieve better security. But it is illegal in first place to restrict the Entry / Exit area of a building, making it difficult to disperse the crowd during emergency such as Fire or Earthquake when there are 32 to 44 flats in one building.

These images show the unprotected entry points in the building, through these ducts a person can move from one building to other without any restriction or detection.

These sample images show the seriousness and approval methods of Fire fighting system in these multi floor buildings. The arrow and circle area shows the worst negligence, no connection, no special nozzle and less length of the pipe for reaching to the other end of the flat from the fire hydrant. In one building all 8 floors do not have this pipe installed on each wheel.

These images show the seriousness of security and safety about electrical main switches, meters, telephone / Internet connections given to every flat. It is foolish to expect high sustained downloading rate of a broadband connection and theft of electrical power from any meter connection in these type of unprotected installation.

Any way, back to main topic, “the fourth side of the coin”. These robberies occurred on 29th Oct. the last day of Diwali celebrations, timing between 12 midnight to early morning around 5 o’clock of 30th Oct. A robbery was detected on the same floor where I stay by my neighbor, during the discussion I remembered that I saw 2 persons operating the switches and pulling the wire of the camera in image , I did ask them ” what are they up to” they said they were from maintenance, in the darkness I could not see their face. That time was between 8 to 8.15 pm, that was my daily evening walk and I was on my third round, this information was recorded by visiting policeman. It turned out that I had made a mistake to mention this, I was questioned by many personnel from investigative team for 4 consecutive days. My questioning taken place in the CCTV monitor room, there I came to know, from 28th Oct video recording of all cameras was stopped but display was monitoring every camera from 5 in the evening.This robbery incident and the facts made me to use my “fourth D” approach, I am still searching the answers of following questions –

  • Who benefited from this robbery? It seems almost every one of those affected by robbery said nothing is missing from their flat.
  • Was it meant to create fear in the tenants? so that present tenant vacate the flat and the estate agents will have new commission from new tenancy deal. Even society office gets 3 thousand rupees Administration and NOC charges from the new tenant (which is illegal for any society, because they are not helping in any way to the tenants, on the other hand the tenants are not called in any important discussions relating to building and the related problems).
  • Who had access to CCTV control room and could stop the recording system?
  • Is someone wants to prove that the present CCTV system is not serving or worth for security of the building? May be interested in getting new contract.
  • What was the role of security guard? because no security guard has noticed any thing unusual that night. Every robbery was informed by the tenants on that floor, no guard bothered to go in other building on routine check of other flats to find out how many places the main door had been broken.
  • Is some one is trying to change the present security team by showing their failure through this incident?
  • Why there was no questioning of suppliers or supervisors controlling the house maids working in almost every flat? Because these maids have the detail information about each tenant, that is the important information for a robbery, it means it is for sell and somebody has paid for that information. The robbers were professionals, they have used the Crow bar to break the wooden door frame, did not bother to break the lock.

I had written this in my Marathi language blog, few has welcomed my approach, but few commented “what I achieved by this writing? Why I did not tell this to concerned authorities? True, even police questioned me, how I have knowledge about the CCTV system and why I was taking interest in this incident?

I have one answer to all this, It is better to follow the “three monkeys” and try to remain away from such troubles in future !!!!

Could you please tell me, am I doing right thing ????????

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My new Nikon D5100

With limited budget I thought to buy Nikon P500 and told to my elder son about it, but suddenly he with one well wisher gifted me Nikon D5100 DSLR on my birthday. The main dealer gave us a chance to handle the camera in the shop. At the end we opted for D5100 body and exchanged the 18 – 55 mm kit lens  to 18 – 105 mm a better lens. I went for testing the camera. And this is the result.

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Progress a Puzzle !!!

During my childhood I remember a girl named Pragati (progress). It puzzles me to know why a girl would be named Progress? At a young age I came to know about my progress report card along with lashings, from then on I had made progress avoiding the lashing to get her signature on my report card. She left me forever without letting me know her definition of progress. Today I have realized that many people has progressed in confusing others.

I remember 40 years ago, parents at that time were capable of taking care of progress and development of their wards under their supervision. Present generation of parents fed by so called modern education has made progress equating their wards with animals in nature. Let me explain how, the moment parents realize their child is in a position to walk and talk, progress is made by these parents to simply push their wards in to the institutions of education, they pay a lot of money so that their child can enter a school to get so called “education”. Mothers of the modern age have made progress in glorifying their ward’s indiscipline, rude behavior and tantrums while they are in the kitty party, tea party or such forums. Mother’s from the older generation who spent their time and energy in teaching and disciplining their wards to become better people in society has been considered as wrong practices by modern mothers who are confused by so called modern psychology and have made grandmothers look backward.

Modern education has progressed in confusing the value of life with the value for money. I remember a time during the 50’s and 60’s when children used to study only till the seventh or eight grade and were fit to do jobs and have gone ahead and raised families despite being under educated compared to today’s education system. So has progress been made to portray a child who has dropped out of seventh grade in present times as a misfit in society? Today education has reduced the capability of students to simply get good numbers in subjects that has no importance related to progress of being self-sufficient. Education at university level has progressed in increasing the number of subjects to add confusion for students. Upon completion of such courses the students are then still confused in what needs to be done to earn a living. Hence progress has been made in breaking the relation between education syllabus and the knowledge for living. I came across a person who has completed his masters in chemistry, he remained without a job for many months and then ended up being a rickshaw driver to earn a living. Is this called progress?

Ladies have achieved great progress in getting Equal Rights in male dominated society and also progressed in misunderstanding the meaning of their Equal Rights. Great progress has been made in getting undue advantage of being a girl or a lady at various jobs performed in various offices. Boys and girls has progressed in using imaginative methods to refuse marriage proposal, they have progressed in using modern methods of e-mail and SMS to damage each others character after announcement of marriage engagement.

Boys have progressed in extortion methods to gain large sum of money, valuable items, car, house etc. from the in-laws before or after the wedding day. In spite of all these unethical practices most girls have progressed in treating their senior in-laws as “old furniture or dustbins”, reducing their importance to a fake smile in photo frames. Some daughter-in-laws have progressed in treating their in-laws like little kids before even these daughter-in-laws have given birth to a child.

All these changes in thinking is not to accuse an individual or one member of a family but should make us aware that most families these days in Urban areas are not only damaging a life of a person but also adversely affecting the other members of the family. Rather than education enriching the lives of individuals we get to see damages done simply for materialistic gains. Does this show progress in family culture?

In today’s so-called “modern” society some educated members have progressed to split the society into smaller groups. Some such members have forgotten their ancestors were a part of one religion and made progress in converting to another religion in fear of invaders or in some case just to gain profits, some such members have progressed in using every opportunity to damage the religion of their ancestor’s and brainwash the public through the use of media.

Backwardness should be treated as personal abuse or a curse but there is extra progress made in giving approval, appreciation, awards and a sense of being proud to be a follower of backward culture. There is progress in proving that in-depth study or thinking in detail is considered as suicidal. Lot of progress is been made in masking the real face by using cheap cosmetics, same applies to intelligence.

Many struggle for higher education just to procure important jobs so that they can progress in collecting huge sums of cash by dubious ways. Authorities in “Law and Order” made progress in using their authority to collect huge sums of money by implicating the individuals in false cases and damaging their characters and reputation in society. Progress is made by authorities to first ban the dancers from bars and pubs. The same authorities accept invitations to attend award functions and media events where girls perform erotic and vulgar dance sequences on stage and such events are attended by them as special guests or chief guests.

In the olden days bullock carts were used as a means for transportation. The legacy continues on any bus ride or a drive on Indian roads. Progress is made to make the mixture of tar or concrete to last for one season as the road gets huge potholes which brings the experience on such roads as if riding a bullock cart even though one might buy the best cars money can buy.

Similar progress can be seen in the railways and air travel. Old machines and equipments are used in trains which is vital for the lives of the public but progress has been made to keep the same aged machinery but exponentially increase the price for travel. The same can be noticed in airlines in India where jumbo jets are still in service whereas each an every other airline are updating their fleet to improve the travel experience. Progress is made to keep age-old technology still in flight.

Many NGO’s has progressed in creating confusion at every level of thought process. Some stalwarts of these NGO’s has progressed in creating road blocks and delaying development projects for the public. Some stalwarts have progressed in interpreting Human Rights only for certain communities and felicitating the mass murderers as martyrs. Satyagrah or fighting for rights in reality has progressed as Asatyagrah or fighting for injustice which has changed the very meaning of the word justice. Some so called educated have progressed in calling anti social, anti establishment and anti national activities as secular and nationalist activities.

Most of such situations may be similar to events occurred in the world but so far the Progression of damage and negligence can be seen only in India.

Edited and improvised by Suhail Ranade.

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Architecture and Architects

I have not learnt architecture from any institution but experienced the subject of architecture and the effects of it in everyone’s life. I was exposed to this subject during 1965 – 70 because my elder brother was appearing for the exams externally at Mumbai, studying at home, a town 250 kms away from Mumbai. I was studding 11th year of Secondary School level with technical subjects. That created in me the interest in the subject of architecture.

1977, I left India in search of work and for job satisfaction. My photography and video skills helped me to get jobs of video recording for preparing the progress reports of large scale buildings. I could learn the process from conceptual design to actual construction of a building as per that concept. I came across the various aspects of conceptual designing of a large scale buildings, mainly user friendliness, selection of materials, vehicle parking spaces, approach roads, landscaping and the amenities. The architect’s conceptual design was further developed by groups of associate architects and expert in the respective field of services. They used to take special care for appearance of the building and its impact in the nearby area of the city.

For reasons beyond my control, I had to return to Pune, India in the year 2002. I started noticing the chaos in the city. I started discussing with my architect elder brother about the chaos. He expressed the difference in approach to the subject of architecture in India and abroad. He narrated shocking story of his personal experience from the year 1971 to 2002.

My brother got the Diploma certificate in Architecture (which was equivalent to degree in architecture)after successfully passing the Diploma Examination. in 1971 conducted by the then Directorate of Higher Arts Examination of the Government of Maharashtra. He started his practice from our home. He could get a first job of a single story house in 1971. As per the practice then in vogue, he prepared plans for submission to the municipal office with supporting document. He was told by the Chief Officer that the municipality required Surveyor for preparation building plans and only such persons be allow to do so within the municipal jurisdiction. To avoid the confrontation with the municipal authority, my brother obtained that Surveyor license by paying the license fee of Rs.5/- for a year 1971.

It is a fact that the word ‘architect’ or ‘architecture’ was not properly known to people there in year 1971. An incident, happened in year 2005, with one of his architect friend in Pune is worth mentioning here. The architect friend had prepared and submitted building plans of one his clients to municipal authority of a district town near Pune. After two months the owner called him and told that architect ” the building inspector” wants him to personally come and see him. The architect went to see the building inspector but there was a new person occupying the seat. The occupant got up and bowed down and said “Thank you, Sir. I am the new building inspector and do not know this job at all, for the last 15 years I worked as a driver garbage truck. Since this post fell vacant, I was posted till suitable person is appointed. Sir please tell me what I am supposed to do and where to sign. I do not want to do illegal job by taking money to pass the building plans.” This is the fault of higher authorities who failed to give him required training and then giving him that promotion.

In the year 1972, Indian Parliament passed the Architect Act. This changed the status of every architect fro that of a “licensee” to a full-fledged professional and was authorized to give “advice” or “prescription” to his client like a Doctor or an Advocate or a CA. In year 1975, the Council of Architecture started registration of architects any of the recognized qualification in architecture. Many architects failed to realized the change and the importance of the status as registered architect. The advice or prescription given by Doctor or Advocate or CA does not require approval from any public authority for validation; but the Government and the municipal authorities continued the old practice and subjected such advice of an architect to scrutiny and approval for every building activity even in any privately owned land, making land owner or developer to obtain permission from municipal authority and to pay fees for that permission.

The syllabus of architecture course has failed to create awareness amongst the students of architecture and also the general public about local municipal rules and the new status given by Indian Parliament to architects. This course has become one more field for job opportunities with wrong interpretation of freedom to use individual creativity in the field of building construction, town planning, landscaping, and beautification. Many architects are busy using their creativity in interior designing , making kitchen or bedrooms or living room furnishing and municipal permission agents for approval of building plans.

The municipal authorities are duty-bound to provide and maintain the roads, sanitation, drainage and many other public services. There are specific statutory provisions for smooth functioning of these services under their jurisdiction . The land owner or developer has to give notice to municipal authorities about his/her intent of such construction in his/her land as per the building bye-laws, for which the authorities may give approval, which is a sort of a “no objection” certificate. The authorities are not authorized to collect fine from those who fail to follow these bye-laws but to make sure the construction is made as per rules for safety and serviceability to every user.

In reality the authorities took bribe to allow any type of construction breaking the rules, politician used their pressure, authorities twisted the safety rules further, the muscle men used their power to get away from the safety rules and helped to increase the chaos of non standard building construction. I think this breaking of rules has the roots somewhere in so called freedom struggle by breaking British rules.

All these bending and misinterpretation of existing and non existing rules are used to increase illegal land deals, increased land prices, Land mafia and exorbitant price hike of residential / commercial space, for that encroachment on public amenities.

So called qualified / educated people and authorities failed to consider the rain water flow, drainage system, approach road standards, main traffic roads, number of vehicles on the road while allowing the development of the Pune city. The chaos has become standard to governance of any activity. To expect a system functioning normal or better is considered as abnormal to that standard.

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Education a Tool

I came to conclusion that many problems and confusions in present India are created by the syllabus used for educating the work force, it starts at primary education, it continues in the higher education, then in policy making and governance. Education used as a Tool to control our society, our culture, our resources and converting our nation.

“As has been noted by numerous scholars of British rule in India, the physical presence of the British in India was not significant. Yet, for almost two centuries, the British were able to rule two-thirds of the subcontinent directly, and exercise considerable leverage over the Princely States that accounted for the remaining one-third. While the strategy of divide and conquer was used most effectively, an important aspect of British rule in India was the psychological indoctrination of an elite layer within Indian society who were artfully tutored into becoming model British subjects. This  English-educated layer of Indian society was craftily encouraged in absorbing values and notions about themselves and their land of birth that would be conducive to the British occupation of India, and furthering British goals of looting India’s physical wealth and exploiting it’s labor.”

“In 1835, Thomas Macaulay articulated the goals of British colonial imperialism most succinctly: “We must do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, a class of persons Indian in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinions, words and intellect.”  As the architect of Colonial Britain’s Educational Policy in India, Thomas Macaulay was to set the tone for what educated Indians were going to learn about themselves, their civilization, and their view of Britain and the world around them. An arch-racist, Thomas Macaulay had nothing but scornful disdain for Indian history and civilization.”

Gandhi  wrote in the “Harijan” that Indian education made Indian students foreigners in their own country. The Radhakrishnan Commission said in their Report (1950); “one of the serious complaints against the system of education which has prevailed in this country for over a century is that it neglected India’s past, that it did not provide the Indian students with a knowledge of their own culture. It had produced in some cases the feeling that we are without roots, and what is worse, that our roots bind us to a world very different from that which surrounds us”. Link . .

First incidences made me to think on this topic during 1994, when my son was studying in a school in Oman following CBSC syllabus. A history teacher (Christian, I have to say this mainly because she refused to apologize even in front of the school principal) telling the students during the History class “Shivsena and RSS followers are killing and burning small children, men and women of Muslims and Christians communities in Bombay and many parts of Maharashtra.” While teaching a lesson about India she had said “Britishers gave us knowledge, organization, art, culture and helped us to build our Nation.” God save the generation next !

Even there are many in electronic or print media selected for top posts for their anti Hindu views and leftist connections. This is proved by their daily news and discussion groups. They do not behave with responsibility while giving news about national security or investigations of sensitive cases. Media is responsible for giving importance to the anti Hindu and anti national activities and connected people.

All these damages start from well planned syllabus in the education system from primary to higher education, giving confusing stories, information and references in a very deceitful manner through books of Languages, Geography, History, Science, Economics, Finance, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering and various subjects. This type of education has produced and still producing mob of educated people confused, self centered, disconnected from origin/values/culture of this land. Present education is not related to the modern job requirements in our country or abroad which results in cheap, literate and easily manageable labor force any where in the world. I used word literate because the technology or training or education is only helping to become literate in any subject or profession, where as knowledge is missing, so the expertise is given less importance. I have personally experienced this fact in my 40 years working in India and abroad. Even my children are experiencing these facts for last 5 years in their respective jobs in India.

I have plenty of examples of wrong practices but to giving them in writing or even talk about it is consider as I am at fault and unnecessarily sensitive. I have followed my freedom of expression, you are free to use your freedom of selection.

Indians should seriously think when they decide to go for foreign education, watch this You Tube Link – 

Think . . . . .Think . . . . .Think . . . . .Think . . . . . will you?
Steve Jobs – CEO Apple Computer gives speech at Stanford University
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Technology Impact

I interpret Technology in my own words, techniques compiled with specific logic. I have learnt many things on my own by finding answers to few basic questions about any technology or invention or a product or a device as an user. That is why for me any such technology or invention or a product or a device is categorized in two parts User Friendly or Dealer Friendly. As an user I was always interested to get worth for my money or efforts I put in to get a technology or invention or a product or a device useful for me for the time duration or its life.

Dealer has interest only in maximum commercial gains, without any emotions attached to it. For me dealer could be, inventor, designer, producer and an agent or a shop salesman.Digital technology is more dealer friendly than user friendly. Dealers are getting benefited by rapid change in technology or invention or a product or a device getting outdated in couple of years. User is trying to get friendly to this rapid change in short duration.

Most disturbing fact of today’s technological impact is a vicious circle created by a source (developer) then purchased by few manufacturers, which then supplies finished products to the dealers who are simply a middlemen between the source and the user.  So the circle is Source -> Manufacturer -> Dealer ->User. In all of this the person who gets the maximum benefit is the person with the least knowledge which is the dealer who in reality does nothing creative. Whereas the USER whose needs is the main reason for the technology to be introduced  gets the least benefit from any product and has to bear extra cost with updates and consumables. Similar fate shared by the developer whose original ideas never make it to the public instead is diluted by manufacturers across the world.  I have been a victim of this vicious circle.
I am an user of digital technology from 1990, I suffered heavy losses because of the rapid changes in a very short time. From 1985 I bought Nikon F801, F401, F601, F60, F50 for 35 mm films. Now I have to spend more time and money to keep them functioning, today these devices are kept in special bags because outdated. Then A Zenza Bronica SQA for type 120 film roll, just can not afford to use it. Dreaming to get a digital back for it otherwise it has become outdated.

My first digital camera Fujix DSC 505 and 515 had a 1.3 mega pixel image sensor. Today even a child would refuse to touch that camera because he is using 12 mega pixel image sensor in his mobile which he keeps in his pocket. I bought Nikon Coolpix E990 camera in year 2000 having 3.1MPs image sensor. I could capture images for many commercial jobs with that 3.1 MPs image sensor for more than a decade. Recently bought Nikon P90 camera had 12MPs image sensor. Both these cameras are discontinued by the company but some more new models had been introduced to add confusions for we users getting attracted to new developments.

Same is the case of image sensor color quality. 1.3 MPS of a image sensor had distribution of total number of pixel for RGB. Now Sigma – Foveon X3 color image sensor revolutionized the image sensing technology, observe the image to see the difference. As an iTec (I have coined a new word for image Technician the new breed of photographers) I have my highest regards to the entire team of Sigma – Foveon X3 team who made it possible for the quality conscious people to buy across the counter such a camera with high quality color image sensor. I am planning to buy one to enjoy the exceptional image quality and color resolution produced by the Sigma SD15 camera.

Computers and computing changed almost every year. My first Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM and only 880 KB floppy disk for storage in 1990  became obsolete, no support of any kind in the year 1992. I bought Apple Mac LC475, just in two years this computer was not sufficient for my needs, because of low memory and small storage space required for my photo – video – audio jobs. After that I bought, used and sold Mac 8500, Mac Tower 9600, G3 desk top, iBook G3 and now iMac 24 inch. I did try Compaq laptop and then assembled my own desktop PC. today I use two 500 GB and One Tera Byte Hard drives for my various jobs.

I bought storage media zip, jazz, CD, Magneto-optical DVD RAM caddy, Raid hard drives and then double sided double density DVD media and the various drives, then came 1 terabyte SATA hard drive and all that I had to dump soon because solid state drive SSD ready for consumer by Dec 2010 at 960 GB capacity, this device does not have any mechanical moving parts, shock proof and moisture resistant.

When I bought my first Color Image Printer Apple Style Writer II, it was printing at 360 dpi Dot per Inch. Epson Stylus Photo 1200 Ink Jet Printer, it was printing 1440 x 720 dpi, 6-color Photo Reproduction Quality. Epson Stylus Color 3000 Ink Jet Printer was good for wide format, cut sheets, paper or canvas roll printing jobs. I spent more money to buy Xante Color Screen Writer 1200 x 1200 dpi Black, 600 x 600 dpi Color to print photo on standard photocopy paper, and to make CMYK color separated screens on the special transparent media. Today these printers have better connectivity through Internet and Fire wire or IEEE 1394 interface.

I had same experience with my video and audio devices. In November 2010 my Nikon P90 dropped down in a party. There was a shadow in the image and LCD display on top edge, that too only in wide angle settings. The authorized repair shop estimated 15000 rupees for changing the lens assembly. I had bought that camera for 25000 rupees. Watch this video clip, an example of video clip made without proper story and planning.

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