My Computer skill

22 May

Computer as a tool was an introduction to me, even today it remains the same. For me computer helps to get results in short time. It has reduced my tensions, did not create more tensions. This all started when I was involved in industrial electronics subject, way back in 1972, had known the use of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic gate system to achieve interlocked automation’s of machines and time bound process. I had handled a magnetic core memory unit on IBM main frame computer, even suggested the replacement technique for defective core by connecting a fresh core externally on a pcb.
Till 1990 I did not show interest in computers because those models of 286, 386 or 486 were of no use to my interest in Video – Photography. In 1990 the Amiga 500 has given me chance to see the the use of computer in the fields of my interest. By reading every issue of C U Amiga I started getting the hang of new terminology, applications, requirements to achieve some results.
My first Apple Mac LC 475 and the requirements of peripherals made me study every thing and any thing related to computer, that was year 1992. My elder son had good pickup to digest everything in detail and could explain me in his own way by treating me his subordinate in computers. I had learnt the trick, by submitting to be naive I could get more explanations. We both realized the basic difference in processing Text, Image, Audio and Video information, and the difference of hardware requirements. Till 2002 we had only one answer to all our needs, an Apple Mac machine and related application software. The hardware were really fail safe and always to the expectations, may be our expectation was much below the capability of Mac machines and devices.
Year 1999 Me and my elder son had developed and installed a Video projection system on standard 6 feet screen displaying video advertisement using Apple iMac Bondy blue computer, Sony projector, Pioneer stereo audio amplifier, controlled by specially made electric timer to On – Off the power to this entire projection system. There were 4 such installations. There was no operator, normal delivery boy used to visit every installation for adding new video clip, used to connect external hard drive through fire wire port, there was specially made apple scripts to transfer new video clips, old unwanted video clips were automatically removed. All this was done when projection system was showing advertisement. Those days broadband was not available in Oman, we gave that option as well to feed live content from a server located in that company main office, then it was simple for them to operate number of installations.

Returning to India in year 2002 I had Mav iBook, the plastic external casing started showing bad cracks. I inquired about replacement, it was possible at Rs.15000/- I made my own cabinet for it. Those days I happened to meet people who believed only Windows machines are the best and Apple computers closed down in 1990. People started distancing me. I had to survive in such biased, blind folded comp society. I started learning about Windows XP using my own way of learning. I assembled a Desktop computer and learnt the practical side of Windows machine using Vista Ultimate with Fore Front as anti virus + many things. I never ever give importance to any hardware or software, any thing serves my purpose at affordable price is good for me.

On Jan 16, 2011 morning I thought of making changes to my assembled Windows computer. I used these rack rails and stoppers to put my LCD monitor on the side panel. This style has helped me to make all hanging cables clean and tidy, taking less footprint on my table.

** photos – Transformation of iBook and my assembled PC are taken by me and rest images from Google search **
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