Progress a Puzzle !!!

17 Sep

During my childhood I remember a girl named Pragati (progress). It puzzles me to know why a girl would be named Progress? At a young age I came to know about my progress report card along with lashings, from then on I had made progress avoiding the lashing to get her signature on my report card. She left me forever without letting me know her definition of progress. Today I have realized that many people has progressed in confusing others.

I remember 40 years ago, parents at that time were capable of taking care of progress and development of their wards under their supervision. Present generation of parents fed by so called modern education has made progress equating their wards with animals in nature. Let me explain how, the moment parents realize their child is in a position to walk and talk, progress is made by these parents to simply push their wards in to the institutions of education, they pay a lot of money so that their child can enter a school to get so called “education”. Mothers of the modern age have made progress in glorifying their ward’s indiscipline, rude behavior and tantrums while they are in the kitty party, tea party or such forums. Mother’s from the older generation who spent their time and energy in teaching and disciplining their wards to become better people in society has been considered as wrong practices by modern mothers who are confused by so called modern psychology and have made grandmothers look backward.

Modern education has progressed in confusing the value of life with the value for money. I remember a time during the 50’s and 60’s when children used to study only till the seventh or eight grade and were fit to do jobs and have gone ahead and raised families despite being under educated compared to today’s education system. So has progress been made to portray a child who has dropped out of seventh grade in present times as a misfit in society? Today education has reduced the capability of students to simply get good numbers in subjects that has no importance related to progress of being self-sufficient. Education at university level has progressed in increasing the number of subjects to add confusion for students. Upon completion of such courses the students are then still confused in what needs to be done to earn a living. Hence progress has been made in breaking the relation between education syllabus and the knowledge for living. I came across a person who has completed his masters in chemistry, he remained without a job for many months and then ended up being a rickshaw driver to earn a living. Is this called progress?

Ladies have achieved great progress in getting Equal Rights in male dominated society and also progressed in misunderstanding the meaning of their Equal Rights. Great progress has been made in getting undue advantage of being a girl or a lady at various jobs performed in various offices. Boys and girls has progressed in using imaginative methods to refuse marriage proposal, they have progressed in using modern methods of e-mail and SMS to damage each others character after announcement of marriage engagement.

Boys have progressed in extortion methods to gain large sum of money, valuable items, car, house etc. from the in-laws before or after the wedding day. In spite of all these unethical practices most girls have progressed in treating their senior in-laws as “old furniture or dustbins”, reducing their importance to a fake smile in photo frames. Some daughter-in-laws have progressed in treating their in-laws like little kids before even these daughter-in-laws have given birth to a child.

All these changes in thinking is not to accuse an individual or one member of a family but should make us aware that most families these days in Urban areas are not only damaging a life of a person but also adversely affecting the other members of the family. Rather than education enriching the lives of individuals we get to see damages done simply for materialistic gains. Does this show progress in family culture?

In today’s so-called “modern” society some educated members have progressed to split the society into smaller groups. Some such members have forgotten their ancestors were a part of one religion and made progress in converting to another religion in fear of invaders or in some case just to gain profits, some such members have progressed in using every opportunity to damage the religion of their ancestor’s and brainwash the public through the use of media.

Backwardness should be treated as personal abuse or a curse but there is extra progress made in giving approval, appreciation, awards and a sense of being proud to be a follower of backward culture. There is progress in proving that in-depth study or thinking in detail is considered as suicidal. Lot of progress is been made in masking the real face by using cheap cosmetics, same applies to intelligence.

Many struggle for higher education just to procure important jobs so that they can progress in collecting huge sums of cash by dubious ways. Authorities in “Law and Order” made progress in using their authority to collect huge sums of money by implicating the individuals in false cases and damaging their characters and reputation in society. Progress is made by authorities to first ban the dancers from bars and pubs. The same authorities accept invitations to attend award functions and media events where girls perform erotic and vulgar dance sequences on stage and such events are attended by them as special guests or chief guests.

In the olden days bullock carts were used as a means for transportation. The legacy continues on any bus ride or a drive on Indian roads. Progress is made to make the mixture of tar or concrete to last for one season as the road gets huge potholes which brings the experience on such roads as if riding a bullock cart even though one might buy the best cars money can buy.

Similar progress can be seen in the railways and air travel. Old machines and equipments are used in trains which is vital for the lives of the public but progress has been made to keep the same aged machinery but exponentially increase the price for travel. The same can be noticed in airlines in India where jumbo jets are still in service whereas each an every other airline are updating their fleet to improve the travel experience. Progress is made to keep age-old technology still in flight.

Many NGO’s has progressed in creating confusion at every level of thought process. Some stalwarts of these NGO’s has progressed in creating road blocks and delaying development projects for the public. Some stalwarts have progressed in interpreting Human Rights only for certain communities and felicitating the mass murderers as martyrs. Satyagrah or fighting for rights in reality has progressed as Asatyagrah or fighting for injustice which has changed the very meaning of the word justice. Some so called educated have progressed in calling anti social, anti establishment and anti national activities as secular and nationalist activities.

Most of such situations may be similar to events occurred in the world but so far the Progression of damage and negligence can be seen only in India.

Edited and improvised by Suhail Ranade.

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