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20 May

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              Photo captured on Film                              Digital Photo by Nikon P90

The quality of Film Emulsion photographs was dependent on many factors, such as production batch of film stock, chemical batch / freshness of chemicals / density of chemicals in the film / paper development processor and print paper batch / paper freshness. More important was the color differentiation ability and experience of a processing lab operator. There was a danger of damages to film caused by processing machines. I had gone through all these difficulties. I started searching solutions to control image quality. I was introduced to Amiga 500 computer in 1990 at a special computer sale, I had gone to search for video title maker and effect generator. I started buying every issue of Amiga magazine. I tried for more information on computers for digital imaging. Through this magazine I came to know about Apple Mac machines and the difference in Text data and Graphical data requirements for processing a digital image frame on any computer.

That Amiga 500 had 512 KB RAM and storage on 880kB floppy disk. It had RF modulated output adapter to connect to normal TV set. That output was enough to create titles for my VHS video. To produce good quality digital still image like image of a film was almost impossible with the available resources in Oman. In 1991 I was at Apple Macintosh computer dealer, the sales engineer shown me the document scanner, image editor and the color corrected image on his monitor. I was thrilled, sensed the impact and simplicity of the entire system on a table top plus total control on the quality of an image. All that system was beyond my budget. I spent more time in searching more information till I could gather some funds.

I bought Apple Mac LC475, Umax A4 size scanner bundled with Adobe Photoshop v2.5 on 5 diskettes and Apple Style writer II color Printer in 1992. My 12 year old elder son helped me to understand the whole system. My interest in digital imaging was growing strong by every print I made through that system. There was less takers for Ink jet prints for commercial jobs. I spent hours together to explore every tool and image editing possibilities. I concentrated more on image restoration technique.In Oman being a Muslim country ladies side wedding  party required lady operator for video + photo. I taught my wife to do those jobs, she used to manage both job single handed. She had gained good popularity. In 1995 my wife had done video coverage of a prestigious wedding reception of a minister’s daughter. He helped us in finding a financier  for my idea to start All Digital Photo Studio. I approached the Fuji dealer in Oman and became the first to establish an All Digital Photo Studio in Oman. I bought Fuji DS505 digital camera with 35 – 105 mm zoom lens and Sb 28 flash, Pictrography 3000 printer, Apple Mac 8500 computer and Adobe Photoshop v4.o image editing software. The Fuji films team visited Oman for meeting a customer who was buying newly developed machine,  the team was surprised to know my technical knowledge of digital imaging and the jobs I had done. According to them that All Digital Photo Studio was first commercial digital studio installation in the world.These are some sample images I had produced in that studio till 2001. This studio closed down because the sponsor lost interest in continuing that studio. As a foreigner I could not run that studio on my own and new sponsors were asking almost impossible sponsorship fees per month.

Image Editing samples

This friend wants to send his photo to his girl friend.

This one made from ID card to A5 size print, the hairs are taken from a 8 year old child’s photo.
Image Manipulation samples

Table top model plane of BA plane converted to arrival of First flight of BA after the introduction of new graphics on the plane for advertisement in a local news paper.

My children age 15 and 9 wanted to ride this Honda, they were not allowed as age restriction so I gave them a ride on 8inch toy model.
Image Restoration samples

The old photo restored with better presentable image for the family members.

My dentist friend had this old photo when he entered in the clinic on the very first day. I could make this presentable image of that important moment of his carrier.

Something about that DS505 camera, Fuji engineer gave us some information. Those days they were getting one correct CCD from the 2000 CCDs production to maintain the best possible quality of an image. Which resulted in heavy cost to consumer. After a year of research they formulated the right production technique to make every CCD to produce best quality image. The Pictrogaphy 3000 printer was using Laser beam to write an image.

I am conducting VPAC Training program for Digital Imaging editing / manipulation / restoration skill, for individual or for a group of 10, for details contact me on
This training is also available at any location in the world through my Skype ID “skillsvk”
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