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17 May

Video is visual information displayed by electronic device, may be single still image or number of electronic images in duration of time to show moving object. Video when captured, stored or transmitted is known as Video Signal. A short duration video information of an event is Video Clip. Number of video clips compiled in some specified duration is Video Movie. It is always Video capture or coverage of event not shooting by any means. Still images and moving video images are two mediums to store a moment or event. Both medium has advantages, disadvantages and merits, can not be compared, these are my observations.
This two piece camera recorder belonged to a friend of mine allowed me to handle in 1985 to record a Marathi drama in Oman. For this drama we used transparent film in front of camera to record titles and credits.

In 1986 I bought my Panasonic M5 video camcorder, using VHS big tape media. I used it to record any thing and everything to make those control as if part of my body. I saw better video quality in Panasonic 3000 camera I gave that to my wife to record wedding events where only ladies were allowed. For Me I bought JVC SVHS TV and GF 1000 video camcorder, had very good video quality, sharp and saturated color better than VHS format. SVHS had Y (brightness) and C (chroma) information separated, VHS had YC combined. Those days SVHS cassette player / recorder was not sold in Oman. I had to go to Dubai to buy one. The JVC had limited battery duration that made me buy two Panasonic 9000 SVHS cameras.

I bought Panasonic Two camera mixer with Gen lock for Live mixing in 1990, a Sansui VX 99 video / audio mixer, then in year 1994 I bought Panasonic MX5 2 input Audio / Video mixer, used for Live or in studio mixing, had built in TBC for smooth video mixing.

In 1996 I bought second hand low priced first Sony mini DV DCRVX 700 camera from a visiting friend, it did not have video monitor only color viewfinder. I had seen first time iLink connector to transfer from camera to my Apple Mac computer by just one single cable. The sharp image quality was never seen by many in 1996. Year 1998 I bought Sony TRV 720 D8 format for my wife, DSR PD1 E mini Dv camera for me and my elder son, that is still with me. For commercial use in Oman then to use after return to India , year 2000 I bought Sony DSR 200 and DSR 30 P editing VCR for mini DV of 60 min cassette and also for 180 min Standard cassette, two in one. This is having Audio Video input for two source through RCA, SVHS connectors. There is Single in/out DV connector and single out put RCA, SVHS and BNC connector.

The VHS or SVHS video single frame was made for PAL 625 horizontal lines at 50 fields, to edit such video signal I had to digitized that signal by special consumer level video capture card, there was loss of quality. Digital Video camera single frame is made for PAL 720 x 576 pixel giving much better quality, for me it has became much easier to edit such signal on computer by connecting trough Firewire or iLink or IEEE 1394 interface.

For video editing and publishing I used Adobe Premier, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Widows DVD maker, Apple iDVD maker. Till now I have published my 35 video clips on YouTube. Please view those and send me your views on

This video capture was done by Sony DSRPD1 camera and edited to this duration.

This Dance is recorded with live music and using Panasonic M 9000 SVHS camera.

This 24 hour Gocart race was recorded by Sony DSR 200 DVCAM camera and then edited by Final Cut Pro on Mac iBook G3, for Royal Oman Police.

** all images from Google Images. The last two Sony PD1 and DSR200 are my photo taken by Nikon P90 **  
Would like to see some more video clips I published on You Tube? click   HERE
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