Technology Impact

25 May

I interpret Technology in my own words, techniques compiled with specific logic. I have learnt many things on my own by finding answers to few basic questions about any technology or invention or a product or a device as an user. That is why for me any such technology or invention or a product or a device is categorized in two parts User Friendly or Dealer Friendly. As an user I was always interested to get worth for my money or efforts I put in to get a technology or invention or a product or a device useful for me for the time duration or its life.

Dealer has interest only in maximum commercial gains, without any emotions attached to it. For me dealer could be, inventor, designer, producer and an agent or a shop salesman.Digital technology is more dealer friendly than user friendly. Dealers are getting benefited by rapid change in technology or invention or a product or a device getting outdated in couple of years. User is trying to get friendly to this rapid change in short duration.

Most disturbing fact of today’s technological impact is a vicious circle created by a source (developer) then purchased by few manufacturers, which then supplies finished products to the dealers who are simply a middlemen between the source and the user.  So the circle is Source -> Manufacturer -> Dealer ->User. In all of this the person who gets the maximum benefit is the person with the least knowledge which is the dealer who in reality does nothing creative. Whereas the USER whose needs is the main reason for the technology to be introduced  gets the least benefit from any product and has to bear extra cost with updates and consumables. Similar fate shared by the developer whose original ideas never make it to the public instead is diluted by manufacturers across the world.  I have been a victim of this vicious circle.
I am an user of digital technology from 1990, I suffered heavy losses because of the rapid changes in a very short time. From 1985 I bought Nikon F801, F401, F601, F60, F50 for 35 mm films. Now I have to spend more time and money to keep them functioning, today these devices are kept in special bags because outdated. Then A Zenza Bronica SQA for type 120 film roll, just can not afford to use it. Dreaming to get a digital back for it otherwise it has become outdated.

My first digital camera Fujix DSC 505 and 515 had a 1.3 mega pixel image sensor. Today even a child would refuse to touch that camera because he is using 12 mega pixel image sensor in his mobile which he keeps in his pocket. I bought Nikon Coolpix E990 camera in year 2000 having 3.1MPs image sensor. I could capture images for many commercial jobs with that 3.1 MPs image sensor for more than a decade. Recently bought Nikon P90 camera had 12MPs image sensor. Both these cameras are discontinued by the company but some more new models had been introduced to add confusions for we users getting attracted to new developments.

Same is the case of image sensor color quality. 1.3 MPS of a image sensor had distribution of total number of pixel for RGB. Now Sigma – Foveon X3 color image sensor revolutionized the image sensing technology, observe the image to see the difference. As an iTec (I have coined a new word for image Technician the new breed of photographers) I have my highest regards to the entire team of Sigma – Foveon X3 team who made it possible for the quality conscious people to buy across the counter such a camera with high quality color image sensor. I am planning to buy one to enjoy the exceptional image quality and color resolution produced by the Sigma SD15 camera.

Computers and computing changed almost every year. My first Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM and only 880 KB floppy disk for storage in 1990  became obsolete, no support of any kind in the year 1992. I bought Apple Mac LC475, just in two years this computer was not sufficient for my needs, because of low memory and small storage space required for my photo – video – audio jobs. After that I bought, used and sold Mac 8500, Mac Tower 9600, G3 desk top, iBook G3 and now iMac 24 inch. I did try Compaq laptop and then assembled my own desktop PC. today I use two 500 GB and One Tera Byte Hard drives for my various jobs.

I bought storage media zip, jazz, CD, Magneto-optical DVD RAM caddy, Raid hard drives and then double sided double density DVD media and the various drives, then came 1 terabyte SATA hard drive and all that I had to dump soon because solid state drive SSD ready for consumer by Dec 2010 at 960 GB capacity, this device does not have any mechanical moving parts, shock proof and moisture resistant.

When I bought my first Color Image Printer Apple Style Writer II, it was printing at 360 dpi Dot per Inch. Epson Stylus Photo 1200 Ink Jet Printer, it was printing 1440 x 720 dpi, 6-color Photo Reproduction Quality. Epson Stylus Color 3000 Ink Jet Printer was good for wide format, cut sheets, paper or canvas roll printing jobs. I spent more money to buy Xante Color Screen Writer 1200 x 1200 dpi Black, 600 x 600 dpi Color to print photo on standard photocopy paper, and to make CMYK color separated screens on the special transparent media. Today these printers have better connectivity through Internet and Fire wire or IEEE 1394 interface.

I had same experience with my video and audio devices. In November 2010 my Nikon P90 dropped down in a party. There was a shadow in the image and LCD display on top edge, that too only in wide angle settings. The authorized repair shop estimated 15000 rupees for changing the lens assembly. I had bought that camera for 25000 rupees. Watch this video clip, an example of video clip made without proper story and planning.

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