Year 1961 I started at age 13 years, learning and reading Radio books and assembly of parts with my father. Within a year I made a three band radio, the kit was from RCA.Year 1965 Bhusaval, Maharashtra, India. I had completed my Secondary school certificate education in regional Marathi language. English language was a subject not a teaching medium. I found it very difficult to use it for conversation. Yet I tried my level best to try and use for conversation. The technical subjects and practical training was very interesting for me. I used to observe every teacher, their posture and their tool handling for accuracy, while they were doing a job.My machine drawing experience had helped me to draw many drawing pages in a book written by my father for Indian railways. I tried to use my electrical wiring skills to help my parents and some friends, to replace plug/sockets/switches for fan, radio, lamps, toaster and other appliances. I learned to replace the old outdated switch boards with better user friendly safe switch boards.I tried to make household furniture with plywood and MS pipes and profiles as shown.

For the rack I had used 1/2 inch round pipe, made 4 ladders of 15 inch gap between each steps. Every second gap from top of a ladder was fixed to wall by clamp and three wooden planks were put in each ladder as shown. Even the sitting bench was made by similar ladders and wooden plank as shown. To open a radio shop I had to show my radio course certificate that is why I went to Pune,India in year 1967. I went for a Radio course, duration was 6 months, 1 hour a day. I asked permission to stay in the classroom for 11 hours a day and finished the course in just 15 days.

Year 1979 when I was in Iran, I completed Industrial Electronics Diploma from ICS, USA, duration was 6 years, yet I completed the course in just one and half year. Around same time I could complete Photo Journalism Diploma from ICS, UK. These were Postal Correspondence courses. I had done these courses because it became necessary and important to show my certificates in interviews. I had noticed this in every interview that the persons in the interviewing panel could not believe I could do things without any certified education. They had certificates to show their authority in the subjects but no intelligence to judge a person with proven ability to perform as per their expectations. On many occasions I came across people who had not bother to know the requirements of the job for which they were searching a candidate. This is happening because the educational syllabus has not taught these people how to select a right candidate for a job and the syllabus of our education system is not giving the required information to a candidate. Oh GOD, please save these chaos.

Feb.23, 2011 I have come to a conclusion after 45 years of experience. Education and Knowledge are entirely two different entities. Education is set pattern of instructions called syllabus, made by a group of educationist. So called Master of a society wants to continue his/her legacy as a Ruler of that society for that purpose he/she hires this group of educationist to make a syllabus. With the help of syllabus standard set of questions are asked to everybody in an examination. Anybody gives expected answers to the set of questions is called as somebody Educated. These educated are employed by other employers, who wants to become master of that particular field. This occurs across every stream of education which results in fulfilling the wishes of the Masters rather than helping the masses.

But Knowledge has no such syllabus, it is in the nature all over. One has to use his/her intelligence to find answers to the difficulties faced by masses without creating imbalance in the nature. Nobody can claim the ownership of knowledge. The person with knowledge has to deliver the results to masses not make their life miserable.

This I analyzed after going through situations created by the so called educated. Books are a media, only offers personal views, we give importance to those views and moral of the situation or subject is forgotten. In reality Moral is the Knowledge with practical experience. That is why I prefer a Learned person with practical experience not just pieces of papers called certificates, who follows the Morals of life rather than an Educated person with bundle of certificates aiding the chaos. This is my analysis of events I faced and followed everyday. Simply educated started acting as a Learned and simply acting as an authority and advisers for respective subjects. I do not intend to offend anyone but rather give a fresh perspective on current situations.


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