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4th D of a Coin

From the child hood I was told to look at “other side of the coin,” in particular when ever I complaint or shown my disagreement to any incidence or an event. It is like I am giving my version of the event but I was told to find out the many other versions of that event, something like positive or negative side of that event. After taking part in many social gatherings and programs “the third side of that coin” became prominent by searchingĀ  cause and effect of every event or incidence. That was like “size and shape of the coin or event or incidence and under what pressure from which side.” Yet some very shocking results of incidences or events forced me to find out who is the user, what is the purpose to use “this coin”. In short it became apparent to know the user / planner / purpose behind any event or incidence which is “the fourth D to a coin”. In reality for me it became essential to observe any incidence or event through this “fourth dimension.”So to elaborate my point I just looked at an incident which had shocked many and the perception of that incident had many sides or angles. There was a news on the front page, in bold letters, in a popular daily, “7 robberies in one night in spite of modern security system and security personnel present in a big society!!” It made me think why on front page, is it “fourth D” ??? The name of the robbery location was of the same building where I stay. The news was genuine but many points were not put in right perspective.

I am trying to put forward the layout of the location where the robbery took place. There are five wings A B C D and E, each wings has 3 buildings. There are 8 floors in ABCD building . The wing E and one building in C wing has 11 floors. At present there are 544 flats occupied in wing A B C and D wing, E wing has 132 flats, many of them are occupied. In the wing C a 11 floors building is under construction, 24/7 there are workers moving around, some workers are residing over night in that building. The contractor has used a separate security agency for this under construction flats and also for the flats in E wing. Other 544 flats has separate security agency and there are 16 CCTV cameras with 24/7 recording system.

These images show the installation of such a camera in my building. I wonder for what this notice is displayed in the entrance of every building? Was it free of cost or to prove the security seriousness of the management of the building? The location of the camera is watching the legal tenants or user of the building, what about the illegal entries such as these robberies? See the defects in installation of camera and the wiring connections, it shows the level of competence of the supplier and installation agency. Oh and not to forget the knowledge level of the management about security system to approve such installation and pay for it a large amount. These questions are part of that “fourth dimension of a coin”. Do you agree?
The innovative idea of restricting the entry area of a building by fixed iron grill in every building isĀ  to achieve better security. But it is illegal in first place to restrict the Entry / Exit area of a building, making it difficult to disperse the crowd during emergency such as Fire or Earthquake when there are 32 to 44 flats in one building.

These images show the unprotected entry points in the building, through these ducts a person can move from one building to other without any restriction or detection.

These sample images show the seriousness and approval methods of Fire fighting system in these multi floor buildings. The arrow and circle area shows the worst negligence, no connection, no special nozzle and less length of the pipe for reaching to the other end of the flat from the fire hydrant. In one building all 8 floors do not have this pipe installed on each wheel.

These images show the seriousness of security and safety about electrical main switches, meters, telephone / Internet connections given to every flat. It is foolish to expect high sustained downloading rate of a broadband connection and theft of electrical power from any meter connection in these type of unprotected installation.

Any way, back to main topic, “the fourth side of the coin”. These robberies occurred on 29th Oct. the last day of Diwali celebrations, timing between 12 midnight to early morning around 5 o’clock of 30th Oct. A robbery was detected on the same floor where I stay by my neighbor, during the discussion I remembered that I saw 2 persons operating the switches and pulling the wire of the camera in image , I did ask them ” what are they up to” they said they were from maintenance, in the darkness I could not see their face. That time was between 8 to 8.15 pm, that was my daily evening walk and I was on my third round, this information was recorded by visiting policeman. It turned out that I had made a mistake to mention this, I was questioned by many personnel from investigative team for 4 consecutive days. My questioning taken place in the CCTV monitor room, there I came to know, from 28th Oct video recording of all cameras was stopped but display was monitoring every camera from 5 in the evening.This robbery incident and the facts made me to use my “fourth D” approach, I am still searching the answers of following questions –

  • Who benefited from this robbery? It seems almost every one of those affected by robbery said nothing is missing from their flat.
  • Was it meant to create fear in the tenants? so that present tenant vacate the flat and the estate agents will have new commission from new tenancy deal. Even society office gets 3 thousand rupees Administration and NOC charges from the new tenant (which is illegal for any society, because they are not helping in any way to the tenants, on the other hand the tenants are not called in any important discussions relating to building and the related problems).
  • Who had access to CCTV control room and could stop the recording system?
  • Is someone wants to prove that the present CCTV system is not serving or worth for security of the building? May be interested in getting new contract.
  • What was the role of security guard? because no security guard has noticed any thing unusual that night. Every robbery was informed by the tenants on that floor, no guard bothered to go in other building on routine check of other flats to find out how many places the main door had been broken.
  • Is some one is trying to change the present security team by showing their failure through this incident?
  • Why there was no questioning of suppliers or supervisors controlling the house maids working in almost every flat? Because these maids have the detail information about each tenant, that is the important information for a robbery, it means it is for sell and somebody has paid for that information. The robbers were professionals, they have used the Crow bar to break the wooden door frame, did not bother to break the lock.

I had written this in my Marathi language blog, few has welcomed my approach, but few commented “what I achieved by this writing? Why I did not tell this to concerned authorities? True, even police questioned me, how I have knowledge about the CCTV system and why I was taking interest in this incident?

I have one answer to all this, It is better to follow the “three monkeys” and try to remain away from such troubles in future !!!!

Could you please tell me, am I doing right thing ????????

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