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K9 Culture

I believe in choice so that there is freedom of selection for me as well as for others. It is unethical to expect that what ever subject or object or path I have selected should be accepted by others with same interest or intensity. It is not a civilized way to treat who ever accepting ones selection is ones friend or else enemy or brainless, I think to have opinion of this sort is dangerous self centered mentality. There is a danger in giving importance to freedom of selection when that freedom is causing discomfort or pain to other member of society or community. I feel the people who are misusing the freedom of selection should be punished and treated as enemy of the society or community.

Taking advantage of freedom of selection number of sects and cultures are formed and certainly will be formed in the future. K9 culture is also spreading all over the world, in some cases it is helpful for individual but in many cases it is causing trouble to others. Hope I do not sound rude, K9 culture  means a Dog culture.

Security by K9 force – A very good use, the special abilities of K9 force for securing a location, use in crime investigation and law enforcement. I salute to this force. But rest of the variations in the K9 culture is bad for Human race in general. I will try to say why I say so, through my last 15 years of close encounters with such K9 culture followers. I have found few sub cultures, K9 as friends, K9 Parenting, K9 as Status symbol, K9 Partners, K9 Business and Services, K9 Mindset of humans. Like we humans has variety of temperaments which forms various groups, same way the groups of K9 are formed.

Some k9 are very friendly, some very agile, some very lazy, some mad and some very dangerous at certain conditions. K9 as friends culture has two sub sections. One section is K9 and Human maintaining equal status but do not cross the boundaries. There is no overpowering on each other. But in second section the humans are acting as if servants to a K9, following the whims of a K9 while forgetting their own needs as a human. I have seen these people forming their own secluded group, with great interest discussing the whims and their efforts to please their K9 master at their special tea party or “K9 Party”.K9 Parenting culture followers also has two sub sections. One section has their own family but they are over enthusiastic to form a K9 family within their own family out of sheer love for K9 community, totally forgetting the trouble or headache to neighbors. The other sub section followers are those who could not maintain good relations with their family members,  resulting to remain away from their own wards because of that they fulfill their strong hold on their K9 family members.

I came across few those who unexpectedly became rich and famous, they are eager to show money power, so they keep K9 in the house, a servant to look after that K9, they talk about how much they paid, how much money spending on food and grooming every month. To make these public they arrange house parties or visit the popular spots so that others should talk about their new found pass time and money. Some rich and famous develops the habit to disturb the overgrown K9 by showing off extra affection towards it or to prove their upper hand and make the K9 run, listen to orders, fetch unwanted objects. Within couple of weeks the K9 learn to behave like the master, starts to lie down on the master bed, sofa and in the arms of the woman folk of that house. I have noticed how such K9 looking disgusted at the owners to follow various fullish orders, reluctantly following just one order out of persistent demands of the master.

Some entrepreneurs have made huge profits by starting K9 clinic, K9 medicine specialist, K9 special diet suppliers, K9 trainers, K9 advisers, K9 beauty parlor and K9 grooming schools. These ventures are proving very profitable, this has become 4 to 5 digit earning sector. It surprises me how in this period of inflation and high cost of living there are such people manage to spend on K9 and parading in the society to show their love towards K9.

The most dangerous trend in humans is to follow the inherent quality of K9 to kee licking everything, good or bad, that is the way a K9 finds a way to survive. The parents, teachers, officers, politicians are giving importance to such K9 qualities, finding ways to teach these qualities and striving for their survival in so called modern society.
It has so happened that I had some interactions with such proud K9 lovers. On one occasion a K9 shown his teeth marks on two kids playing in the garden. There was heated arguments about carelessness shown by the proud owner of that K9. With great pride he told the mothers of those kids. ” do not worry, 10 days before my K9 had been medicated and safe for any dog bite. For some time kids will feel pain and will forget the bite.” What shameless character? Those ladies had good chance to use their abusive vocabulary.

A month past and one more accident occurred. A pony tailed (apt word for the thought polluted young girl) girl left her pretty K9 friend without the leash. It came on me running and jumping. With past bad experiences I took the safe posture and requested that pony tailed girl “please put the leash on your friend, it is advised by law to put leash on every animal as safety” She kept on explaining me the good behavior of her K9 friend. I told her straight, “I do not believe any animal, even some humans, please take care of your friend” She turned with anger shaking her pony tail, lifting the k9 in her arms, saying loud enough “bloody manner less old man trying to teach me” and went away.I was completing my last round of evening walk, the pony tailed returned with her husband, “you seem to be educated, you must understand we love our dog, any body touch him we will not excuse the person, you got no rights to insult my wife” I was polite first to explain what has happened but his last remark has to be answered “if the so called educated go on telling lies and insulting elders by saying “bloody manner less old man” then thank God I am not that educated like you and your wife. You may love this dog like your child but can not expect other should, this is my last warning, next time if this dog comes running behind me I will finish it then and there, will not bother to inform you”. The expected message hit the couple, with bad face they went to their flat.

Some month past and one new entrant to this society, again a pony tailed lady, left her extra energetic K9 child on the road without the leash. That was my second round of evening walk, that dog came on me and straight jump to my chest, I was extra prepared and shouted stop, surprisingly that dog stopped. The lady, ” please do not get scared, he is very loving, and love to play with people, he has been medicated just last week.” this shameless statement annoys me more, ” madam ask my wife I am also very loving and love to love. Can I take you in my arms or you take me in your arms? I want to know your husbands reactions.” Surprisingly she started using leash on that K9.

Oh yes. last month my neighbor went on 15 days vacation, he managed to put his K9 at Rs. 300 per day in a K9 hostel. Where a family of four is surviving in just Rs. 150 a day. What a lucky K9.

I hope now readers you could get my point that people do misuse the freedom of choice or selection, wish you happy reading.
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Me a Human ?

I expected others should treat me as a human being. Others differed, they thought I was not behaving like human being. I searched for definition, had opportunity to discuss with others, which helped me to reach some conclusions.Being a human this is my perception that this universe has vibrating energy caused by imbalance of body mass of every form in the universe. Naturally other than human no one else bothers or has ability to think about universe on this planet Earth. My existence is a result of resonance to that vibrating energy. My body mass has ability to produce certain set of frequencies which are resonated to part of that main vibrating energy of this universe. I realized this while looking at a daily TV serial. There are number of TV channels transmitting set of frequencies. A tuner device of my TV set is creating some set of frequencies. When I select a channel frequency it gets resonated to the right kind of channel frequency out of the set of frequencies existing in the atmosphere. I see images of the original program created in the studio of respective channel, not the original objects.Me being a human has more number of resonated vibrations of the main source of vibrating energy of the universe. It is like the effects of an earthquake, maximum near the epicenter, then there is change in the effects further away from epicenter. That is other than humans every other life form has lesser effects of the main vibrating energy.The Guru’s of Bharatiya culture has found the two stages of forms created by this universal vibrating energy, Living and Non living forms; living forms do not require external energy to move, it has time duration to sustain the living state once the duration reaches the limit the living form is called dead. Nonliving forms require external energy to make any movement. There are four sub set of living forms Jaraj, Andaj, Shwedaj and Udbij.

Jaraj female gives birth to a fully functional body form.

Andaj female gives birth to an egg and after some duration a living body form comes out of that egg.

The Shwedaj form is created by sweat or urine or manure or feces, such as worms, amoeba, bacteria, etc.

Udbij form is created from seeds coming in contact with each other or soil, such as flowers, plants, fruits, etc.

All Jaraj are not human. A human form is most of its life time remain vertical, it means all the body parts are in steps and away from ground. Any other form of Jaraj has all body parts in one line horizontal to ground. Only Humans have Mind an ability to process memorized information and act accordingly. I am proud to be a human.

My action and reaction to an incident or an event or environmental changes is based on the condition of my mind, like a programmable BIOS in computer terminology. The information programing of my mind happens during the period of pregnancy and the information is related to the physical / mental conditions affecting my mother during that period. There is physical and mental difference between me and my other bothers – sisters. This had caused mainly because of age, diet, mental tensions, which changed the ability of my mother to produce my body mass. My body mass has the ability to get resonated to various vibrations of main universal vibrating energy. During pregnancy my mother followed certain diet to keep her and me healthy and taken care of my body mass development. After my birth she used special treatment on each food items, selection, cleaning, cooking, feed timing, etc. The treated food and habits kept me healthy as a child. I wonder what kind of treated food habits are followed by a mother begging on the street for her child? Does that child get good or bad food, how or who can decide this?

The condition of my body mass after treatment gave me ability to digest information of life around me. This information was recorded in my brain and my mind was developing the qualities like, sharp or dull, pessimistic or optimistic, and many other forms. I know I was becoming very inquisitive, asking why, how, who, when for any incident or object I saw. I was gathering information and knowledge from each and everything around me as per my capacity.

My parents had decided and told to me what was wrong or right, till I was in the four walls of my house, following or not those rules, I was considered as good or bad boy. The confusion started when I had to mingle with the neighbors, there was difference in thinking process. I was exposed to Cast, Class and the hatred.

There wear two Sindhi boys ( community coming from Sindh area) Lalwani and Bhavanani, fighting, tearing cloths for a full page photograph of an actress. Bhavanaani sold that photo for 50 paise to Lalwani, he was trying to sell the same to some one for 2 rupees. Bhavanani was asking to sell the same to him for 1 rupee. This was introduction to me of Buying or Selling Cast and community.

One more incident, I was a child staying with my parents in a rented flat of a building, the owner was Marwadi, a businessman from Marawad then, now Rajasthan. Once I was talking to son of that marwadi house owner “do you find time to do your homework given by teacher?” He answered like true blood of a businessman ” I give biscuit and sweets to a boy in my tuition class, that boy completes my homework.” I was taught and made to follow different way of life, I used to get biting if fell to do my homework, I never used these tricks.

In front of same building there used to be weekly market on every Sunday. In that market I had seen a special cast or class of people buying Pork or Pig meat. As a Brahmin I was not allowed to even think of pork. I had seen these pig eating dirt from toilets, same pig was getting cut and the meat was sold to people as a food, in that market. I was shocked to know In other parts of the world how pigs are developed in such hygienic condition with special care as important food.

My father built a house when I was teenager. My neighbor was of farmer’s background , yet he was a principal of a secondary school, his wife was also principal of a primary school, they had built a three storied building with flush type Toilets, their grandchildren used to sit for toilet under a tree in front of our house. I objected to that behavior, that principal of a school gave me shocking answer “you Brahmin boy, if you do not like this, leave this place and find a place in Brahmin community.” Thank god I was not his student.

These and many more incidents made me to search about Cast, Class and the disparity of thinking and behavior pattern. Next post – Dharm, Religion, Society and Cast.

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