My Computer skill

Computer as a tool was an introduction to me, even today it remains the same. For me computer helps to get results in short time. It has reduced my tensions, did not create more tensions. This all started when I was involved in industrial electronics subject, way back in 1972, had known the use of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic gate system to achieve interlocked automation’s of machines and time bound process. I had handled a magnetic core memory unit on IBM main frame computer, even suggested the replacement technique for defective core by connecting a fresh core externally on a pcb.
Till 1990 I did not show interest in computers because those models of 286, 386 or 486 were of no use to my interest in Video – Photography. In 1990 the Amiga 500 has given me chance to see the the use of computer in the fields of my interest. By reading every issue of C U Amiga I started getting the hang of new terminology, applications, requirements to achieve some results.
My first Apple Mac LC 475 and the requirements of peripherals made me study every thing and any thing related to computer, that was year 1992. My elder son had good pickup to digest everything in detail and could explain me in his own way by treating me his subordinate in computers. I had learnt the trick, by submitting to be naive I could get more explanations. We both realized the basic difference in processing Text, Image, Audio and Video information, and the difference of hardware requirements. Till 2002 we had only one answer to all our needs, an Apple Mac machine and related application software. The hardware were really fail safe and always to the expectations, may be our expectation was much below the capability of Mac machines and devices.
Year 1999 Me and my elder son had developed and installed a Video projection system on standard 6 feet screen displaying video advertisement using Apple iMac Bondy blue computer, Sony projector, Pioneer stereo audio amplifier, controlled by specially made electric timer to On – Off the power to this entire projection system. There were 4 such installations. There was no operator, normal delivery boy used to visit every installation for adding new video clip, used to connect external hard drive through fire wire port, there was specially made apple scripts to transfer new video clips, old unwanted video clips were automatically removed. All this was done when projection system was showing advertisement. Those days broadband was not available in Oman, we gave that option as well to feed live content from a server located in that company main office, then it was simple for them to operate number of installations.

Returning to India in year 2002 I had Mav iBook, the plastic external casing started showing bad cracks. I inquired about replacement, it was possible at Rs.15000/- I made my own cabinet for it. Those days I happened to meet people who believed only Windows machines are the best and Apple computers closed down in 1990. People started distancing me. I had to survive in such biased, blind folded comp society. I started learning about Windows XP using my own way of learning. I assembled a Desktop computer and learnt the practical side of Windows machine using Vista Ultimate with Fore Front as anti virus + many things. I never ever give importance to any hardware or software, any thing serves my purpose at affordable price is good for me.

On Jan 16, 2011 morning I thought of making changes to my assembled Windows computer. I used these rack rails and stoppers to put my LCD monitor on the side panel. This style has helped me to make all hanging cables clean and tidy, taking less footprint on my table.

** photos – Transformation of iBook and my assembled PC are taken by me and rest images from Google search **
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Digital Audio Track Authoring

In year 1970 I had an opportunity to handle first time an Akai 8 inch reel tape stereo recorder, bought by my elder brother. He allowed me to learn and experiment audio recordings. I was well versed with Mono and Stereo audio concept. I learnt various technical terms used to measure and express audio quality during recording and then play back audio quality, the devices responsible to maintain the originality of an audio source. Those days 8 inch standard speaker were my headphones to feel the audio quality from very close distance.

I had done many audio recordings on reel and cassette tape media as personal favors to friends and family members. From 1985 onwards there were chances to do commercial audio recordings of musical groups. This was changed  when I bought Apple Mac G3 in 1996. Then I came to know the advantage of digital audio, quality, devices, editing and then final output media.

I learnt the digital audio technology and the techniques by my own method of experimenting and troubleshooting, for that I  collected maximum possible information through available media. I do not weigh the technologies and devices. I give importance to capture and preserve every possible moments by using affordable media at affordable price. So for I tried to digest certain basics of sound and the technical terms.

The compression and decompression of air pressure caused by sound variations are sensed by our ears and we termed it as Sound, a laughter, clapping or falling of kitchen items. If the sound can not give expected information then it is termed as Noise, unknown spoken language can be noise. But sound having certain repetitive information in certain time duration is termed as Audio, voice of a person or note of an instrument. When this audio information is used in a man made electrical / electronic device then it is termed as Audio Signal. Every audio signal source is considered as a track in a track recording system. There are two basic recoding system Analog and Digital.Microphone audio signal is analog, a continuous stream, recorded on conventional tape recorders having four track in one direction. The digital recording is sampled with high frequency and the signal level with bits of information. I find digital track recording and editing is much more simple, affordable and non destructive, that is during editing the original audio remain intact, in comparison to analog recording / editing system.

One cycle is a change from high pressure to low pressure and back to high pressure. The number of cycles per second are called as frequency and the measuring unit is Hertz, abbreviated “Hz.”

The human ear can sense a pressure change as small as 0.0002 micro bars (1 micro bar = 1/1,000,000 atmospheric pressure). The threshold of pain is about 200 micro bars. 0.0002 micro bar is 0 dB SPL, which is the threshold of hearing and 120 dB SPL is the threshold of pain. 1dB is about the smallest change in SPL that can be heard. A 10dB SPL increase is perceived to be twice as loud than 1db SPL. Human ear sense audio in logarithmic scale that is why unit Decibel or db is used.

Dynamic Microphone, has a  diaphragm, Voice coil, magnet assembly. Sound waves strike the thin plastic diaphragm which vibrates an attached voice coil kept free to move on the magnet. This movement of the coil generates electrical signal in that coil corresponding to the sound picked up by the dynamic microphone. Exactly opposite function of speaker is achieved by same basic parts  of a mic in larger scale and strong parts. In a speaker strong audio signal moves the coil on the magnet and the attached hard paper cone converts that audio as sound waves in free air.

Condenser or capacitive microphone is based on an electrically charged diaphragm(2) and back plate assembly(3) which forms a sound-sensitive capacitor. The battery(4) gives electrical charge to the back plate Sound waves vibrate metal-coated-plastic diaphragm. The motion of the diaphragm causes change in electrical potential which is the replica of the original sound waves. The audio signal is between Point (5) and other terminal of battery. With little difference of stronger parts the condenser mic can be used as speaker in small mobile devices.

There is Magnetic pickup used on electric metal string guitar, the vibration caused by strings is converted as audio signal.

These are various models of Microphones each has special functionality and audio quality for the serious users, but for a layman all are same, converting sound to audio signal. To select a right kind of mic one should know the specifications, terminology, such as sound Pick up pattern, Frequency response curve or graph, Sensitivity to sound pressure. There are three basic sound Pick up patterns of mics, Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Super Cardioid and Bidirectional.

This is a typical frequency response curve or graph.

Digital tracks can be made of live audio performance with special interface. Also individual track of every performer is recorded as per performer’s availability to record. To do this a pilot track is played on an electronic key board or by harmonium with clicks or raw rhythm. While listening to that track each performer alone performs given part and walks out. After processing each track for audio quality enhancement, all tracks can be mixed as a final mono or stereo audio clip for publication or converted to any selected format. Audio format can be aiff files for audio CD at 44.1 kHz sample rate, or MP3 or any suitable format.

There are many hard ware / software available free or for a price. I used Peak and Bais software bundled with Motu interface working good on my Mac computer. Then I started using Audacity v1.2.6 as free software on my assembled Windows machine with Vista OS, because the people are not ready to pay for my efforts.

These are few samples of Marathi Bhajans, some vocal tracks are recorded on Sony DSR 200 DVCAM camera with two Audio Technica mics, edited by Peak and Mixed with Bais. All the other instruments are recorded as individual  tracks, then enhanced or processed and published as aiff files for CD audio quality at 44.1 kHz sample rate. Here it is MP3 processed by Audacity from the original file.

This song tracks were recorded in my living room from start to finish the Bhajan was complete as a stereo track in total 4 hours. Govind

This song was without any rhythm. I played the rhythm track only on a Dagga  and mixed it with the original track. The music director approved it with pleasure. Vahe Vara

This vocal Track was recorded by Sony camera with harmonium played by the artist himself with a background rhythm but not recorded. the recording was done in his living room. Afterward the Dholki was added played by a professional. Tantradyani

*** all images are from Google image search ***

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Digital Imaging

click to enlarge
              Photo captured on Film                              Digital Photo by Nikon P90

The quality of Film Emulsion photographs was dependent on many factors, such as production batch of film stock, chemical batch / freshness of chemicals / density of chemicals in the film / paper development processor and print paper batch / paper freshness. More important was the color differentiation ability and experience of a processing lab operator. There was a danger of damages to film caused by processing machines. I had gone through all these difficulties. I started searching solutions to control image quality. I was introduced to Amiga 500 computer in 1990 at a special computer sale, I had gone to search for video title maker and effect generator. I started buying every issue of Amiga magazine. I tried for more information on computers for digital imaging. Through this magazine I came to know about Apple Mac machines and the difference in Text data and Graphical data requirements for processing a digital image frame on any computer.

That Amiga 500 had 512 KB RAM and storage on 880kB floppy disk. It had RF modulated output adapter to connect to normal TV set. That output was enough to create titles for my VHS video. To produce good quality digital still image like image of a film was almost impossible with the available resources in Oman. In 1991 I was at Apple Macintosh computer dealer, the sales engineer shown me the document scanner, image editor and the color corrected image on his monitor. I was thrilled, sensed the impact and simplicity of the entire system on a table top plus total control on the quality of an image. All that system was beyond my budget. I spent more time in searching more information till I could gather some funds.

I bought Apple Mac LC475, Umax A4 size scanner bundled with Adobe Photoshop v2.5 on 5 diskettes and Apple Style writer II color Printer in 1992. My 12 year old elder son helped me to understand the whole system. My interest in digital imaging was growing strong by every print I made through that system. There was less takers for Ink jet prints for commercial jobs. I spent hours together to explore every tool and image editing possibilities. I concentrated more on image restoration technique.In Oman being a Muslim country ladies side wedding  party required lady operator for video + photo. I taught my wife to do those jobs, she used to manage both job single handed. She had gained good popularity. In 1995 my wife had done video coverage of a prestigious wedding reception of a minister’s daughter. He helped us in finding a financier  for my idea to start All Digital Photo Studio. I approached the Fuji dealer in Oman and became the first to establish an All Digital Photo Studio in Oman. I bought Fuji DS505 digital camera with 35 – 105 mm zoom lens and Sb 28 flash, Pictrography 3000 printer, Apple Mac 8500 computer and Adobe Photoshop v4.o image editing software. The Fuji films team visited Oman for meeting a customer who was buying newly developed machine,  the team was surprised to know my technical knowledge of digital imaging and the jobs I had done. According to them that All Digital Photo Studio was first commercial digital studio installation in the world.These are some sample images I had produced in that studio till 2001. This studio closed down because the sponsor lost interest in continuing that studio. As a foreigner I could not run that studio on my own and new sponsors were asking almost impossible sponsorship fees per month.

Image Editing samples

This friend wants to send his photo to his girl friend.

This one made from ID card to A5 size print, the hairs are taken from a 8 year old child’s photo.
Image Manipulation samples

Table top model plane of BA plane converted to arrival of First flight of BA after the introduction of new graphics on the plane for advertisement in a local news paper.

My children age 15 and 9 wanted to ride this Honda, they were not allowed as age restriction so I gave them a ride on 8inch toy model.
Image Restoration samples

The old photo restored with better presentable image for the family members.

My dentist friend had this old photo when he entered in the clinic on the very first day. I could make this presentable image of that important moment of his carrier.

Something about that DS505 camera, Fuji engineer gave us some information. Those days they were getting one correct CCD from the 2000 CCDs production to maintain the best possible quality of an image. Which resulted in heavy cost to consumer. After a year of research they formulated the right production technique to make every CCD to produce best quality image. The Pictrogaphy 3000 printer was using Laser beam to write an image.

I am conducting VPAC Training program for Digital Imaging editing / manipulation / restoration skill, for individual or for a group of 10, for details contact me on
This training is also available at any location in the world through my Skype ID “skillsvk”
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Film – Photo

During year 1965, there was a friend of my elder brother, used to visit my house and talk about Philosophy, Spirituality and Politics. With fascination I used to listen to him. But his one remark reduced my respect towards him at that young age. He used to read all books in his toilet and there he is to form his opinion about any subject. Then I came to know he had Photo Studio, he had been to UK to learn Photography.

I asked his permission to be his assistant for free, a helper boy in the dark room and carry the equipment on locations. My photography fascination developed by working on his Twin lens Rolleiflex camera, but reduced when I came to know the money involved in photo equipment was beyond my reach in near future and did not want to remain as helper.

In year 1977 when I was in Iran, there was an engineer working in the same company with me, stopped me to touch his Nikon F3 camera. His objection was not at all wrong. But his comment “try to save money and buy your own camera.” That made me serious to buy an affordable camera. After two months I could buy a 35 mm format Chinon SLR with 55 mm standard lens. Every week I used to finish 3 rolls of 36 frame film. I used to do lot of testing for Shutter speed, Aperture, ASA, Lighting, Object framing, use of flash, effects of various exposure on any selected subject. Six months past, people around me started asking my advice on photography and devices.

I joined ICS,UK correspondence course for photography to have a certificate. I spent thousands of dollars on buying photography and camera books. Then bought, used, learnt the pros / cons and sold entire A series of Canon 35 mm cameras, such as AV, AE, AL, AT and the then popular A1 models. Same with various models of Flash units and flash firing slave units. Super wide-angle to super Telephoto lenses of Canon, Sigma and Tamron brands. Canon 85 mm, 1.2 max aperture fast lens. Canon Tilt Shift 28 mm lens, used for perspective control and high Depth of field control.

The revolution in Iran disturbed everything. I could not send my answer sheets and photo graphs to ICS,UK. The whole six months of my course work was missing in the Iranian postal service. When I came out of Iran I had Pentax ME camera with 150 mm fixed lens. I had Chinon 8 mm movie camera. Visit to Sydney, Australia in 1981 I sold my movie camera, because I realized the introduction and importance of Video camera and cassette recording system.

In Oman from 1983 I again started my event photography. I started earning some money, I bought 35mm format cameras, Nikon F401, F801, F601, F50, F60 cameras. I still have F801, F401, F60 camera body. As per job requirements I had to buy lenses, I had collection of 25 different lenses. Various medium size Flash units of Nikon, Sunpack, Vivitar, also Metz and Vivitar flash guns and special purpose Cokin three-headed flash unit. I had various flash triggering slave units.

These images are some samples I tried by using 2000 watts Halogen lamps.

These two images are with florescent lamps.

Every processing lab gave me very hard time in making correct color balanced print, I lost the good amount of money. Finally I had paid extra amount to the operator to allow me to enter in the lab and helped him to adjust the white point in these images. The operator gave me thanks to show him my white balancing method for correct color rendition. From that time on word I used that lab for all my printing work. I thank God, to meet right mind-set operator, because in the commercial circle I was getting branded as failure. I had made  some Fuji Transparencies for few restaurants out of these images of 24 inch Height and variable Width.

After earning enough money I bought Bronica SQA medium format SLR camera with eye level viewfinder, two sets of film backs and a Fuji instant film back, 110 mm Macro lens and 45 mm wide angle lens. This camera is still with me, I am dreaming to buy a digital back for this camera.

Those were the days of Film Emulsion Photography and that system was at peak of popularity till 1992-94. The wide scale popularity of Everything Digital made the Film Emulsion Photography as History.

For Digital Imaging and my Digital photography click HERE

All images are my own
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Video skill

Video is visual information displayed by electronic device, may be single still image or number of electronic images in duration of time to show moving object. Video when captured, stored or transmitted is known as Video Signal. A short duration video information of an event is Video Clip. Number of video clips compiled in some specified duration is Video Movie. It is always Video capture or coverage of event not shooting by any means. Still images and moving video images are two mediums to store a moment or event. Both medium has advantages, disadvantages and merits, can not be compared, these are my observations.
This two piece camera recorder belonged to a friend of mine allowed me to handle in 1985 to record a Marathi drama in Oman. For this drama we used transparent film in front of camera to record titles and credits.

In 1986 I bought my Panasonic M5 video camcorder, using VHS big tape media. I used it to record any thing and everything to make those control as if part of my body. I saw better video quality in Panasonic 3000 camera I gave that to my wife to record wedding events where only ladies were allowed. For Me I bought JVC SVHS TV and GF 1000 video camcorder, had very good video quality, sharp and saturated color better than VHS format. SVHS had Y (brightness) and C (chroma) information separated, VHS had YC combined. Those days SVHS cassette player / recorder was not sold in Oman. I had to go to Dubai to buy one. The JVC had limited battery duration that made me buy two Panasonic 9000 SVHS cameras.

I bought Panasonic Two camera mixer with Gen lock for Live mixing in 1990, a Sansui VX 99 video / audio mixer, then in year 1994 I bought Panasonic MX5 2 input Audio / Video mixer, used for Live or in studio mixing, had built in TBC for smooth video mixing.

In 1996 I bought second hand low priced first Sony mini DV DCRVX 700 camera from a visiting friend, it did not have video monitor only color viewfinder. I had seen first time iLink connector to transfer from camera to my Apple Mac computer by just one single cable. The sharp image quality was never seen by many in 1996. Year 1998 I bought Sony TRV 720 D8 format for my wife, DSR PD1 E mini Dv camera for me and my elder son, that is still with me. For commercial use in Oman then to use after return to India , year 2000 I bought Sony DSR 200 and DSR 30 P editing VCR for mini DV of 60 min cassette and also for 180 min Standard cassette, two in one. This is having Audio Video input for two source through RCA, SVHS connectors. There is Single in/out DV connector and single out put RCA, SVHS and BNC connector.

The VHS or SVHS video single frame was made for PAL 625 horizontal lines at 50 fields, to edit such video signal I had to digitized that signal by special consumer level video capture card, there was loss of quality. Digital Video camera single frame is made for PAL 720 x 576 pixel giving much better quality, for me it has became much easier to edit such signal on computer by connecting trough Firewire or iLink or IEEE 1394 interface.

For video editing and publishing I used Adobe Premier, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Widows DVD maker, Apple iDVD maker. Till now I have published my 35 video clips on YouTube. Please view those and send me your views on

This video capture was done by Sony DSRPD1 camera and edited to this duration.

This Dance is recorded with live music and using Panasonic M 9000 SVHS camera.

This 24 hour Gocart race was recorded by Sony DSR 200 DVCAM camera and then edited by Final Cut Pro on Mac iBook G3, for Royal Oman Police.

** all images from Google Images. The last two Sony PD1 and DSR200 are my photo taken by Nikon P90 **  
Would like to see some more video clips I published on You Tube? click   HERE
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The Invaders

Continuation of Dharm, Religion, Society, and CasteA group of Vedic Gurus formed a community which insisted that peace and harmony on this planet was better achieved by remaining in sync with nature. But today after disturbing the balance of mother nature there is a sudden awareness of Green environment. Those days to achieve that peace and harmony, every thing was limited to vibrations of living form, it avoided the use of lifeless machines and systems which can create imbalance in nature.

The system I am talking about is before invaders set their foot on this soil. To maintain the peace, this group of Vedic Gurus developed such a system for the society, social structure, social governance which decentralized the ruling system. The governing structure starts with ‘RAJA’ a king. He gave authority to  selected few of his faithful known as ‘Sardar’ whose responsibilities resembles a governor to govern a limited area of land and called it ‘Praant’ knows as State followed by a district governed by a Collector followed by ‘Taluka’ having a ‘Mamaledar’ followed by a Town ship controlled by a Mayor under him villages having ‘Surpanch’. All this had demarcated boundaries to have better control and communication. Even today the same system is in practice for every state.

A village was self sufficient, it had one or more temple to cater spiritual and educational needs of that village. There were one or more ‘Joytishi’, calculating the planet positions and the effects on every individual, weather conditions and informing the people like early warning system. There were ‘Vaidya’ herbal medicine practitioner, using locally grown herbs to prevent epidemics and cure individuals, advising people about dietary habits. There were others like Carpenters, Blacksmith, Meson etc. Such craftsmen and professionals were exchanging their services with food and daily necessities. If there was a case of injustice elderly and experienced people were trying to resolve that case as a big family. Good example of village culture could be seen during the early western culture especially in Ranches of the Wild West popularized through American movies.

In that village animals were used as mode of transport which restricted the speed of movement and set the daily routine depending on physical limits of humans and animals, this reduced the chances of fatal accidents and need of external energy resources. Today most of our routine depends on usage of automated machines  running on fuel and electricity. To maintain our daily routine, energy consumption has increased to alarming level which is creating tension among user and producer of these energy resources.During the reign of a King named Bharat who followed Sanaatan Dharm which means way of life, who governed this land as Bharat Bhumi, which is the biggest source of knowledge, natural resources, craftsmen, medicine, food and many more things in turn keeping this society self-sufficient. This in-turn kept the society engaged with the self-improvement of the dwellers of this land and maintain peace and harmony eliminating the thought of invading other societies for the need of improvement.

This thinking which was non-existent in the rest of the world at that time along with scarcity of many things and food habits affected the powerful people leading to aggressive intent towards the rest of the world. These people became invaders, they made their own religion and decided a Prophet. These invaders use their religion as a tool to invade rest of the world. They portray as if God has given them the authority to spread their religion and destroy those who do not follow their ideology. These effects have also been witnessed in cultures like Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Arabs.

Best example is seen in Iran (formerly Persia), the Arabs invaded Iran and manipulated every thing which Iranians considered as ideals, burnt books respected by them, destroyed monuments and the religion of Zoroastrians. Invaders changed their language, life style and rituals. Same invaders came through Afghanistan to Bharat. During the invasions they killed millions of Hindus in the mountain ranges of Hindukush – which originates from the word “Hindu Koshte” which literally means brutal killing or carnage of Hindus. In reality there is no such religion called as Hindu, just see the meaning and observe the disrespect given by others and our own so called Indians.

Furthermore, a Persian dictionary titled Lughet-e-Kishwari, published in Lucknow in 1964, gives the meaning of the word Hindu as “chore [thief], dakoo [dacoit], raahzan [waylayer], and ghulam [slave].” In another dictionary, Urdu-Feroze-ul-Laghat (Part One, p. 615) the Persian meaning of the word Hindu is further described as barda (obedient servant), sia faam (black color) and kaalaa (black). So these are all derogatory expressions for the translation of the term hindu in the Persian label of the people of India.

During the Mughal regime of 700 years in this land called Bharat, the Muslim invaders  destroyed every thing that the so called Hindusconsidered sacred, respected and worshiped. Then came Christian missionaries as traders and disturbed the whole fabric of so called Hindu society, education and culture.

The following excerpts was shared from this link

“In 1835, Thomas Macaulay articulated the goals of British colonial imperialism most succinctly: “We must do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, a class of people who are Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, words and intellect.” As the architect of Colonial Britain’s Educational Policy in India, Thomas Macaulay was to set the tone for what educated Indians were going to learn about themselves, their civilization, and their view of Britain and the world around them. An arch-racist, Thomas Macaulay had nothing but scornful disdain for Indian history and civilization.

4. Comments on Indian Education:
Gandhi  wrote in the “Harijan” that Indian education made Indian students foreigners in their own country. The Radhakrishnan Commission said in their Report (1950); “one of the serious complaints against the system of education which has prevailed in this country for over a century is that it neglected India’s past, that it did not provide the Indian students with a knowledge of their own culture. It had produced in some cases the feeling that we are without roots, and what is worse, that our roots bind us to a world very different from that which surrounds us”.
The maximum damage to old Sanaatan Dharm “way of life” is caused by This British Education introduced during British Raj. Among the so called educated elite it became a fashion to abuse everything taught by Sanaatan Dharm “way of life” and promote every thing coming from the west as modern, more scientific way of living. I will talk about Education as a Tool to damage the well established proven Vedic system. How the various proofs were destroyed or damaged or twisted i shall share it in the next topic.   
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Dharm, Religion, Society, and Cast

Continuation of Human?. . . .During the period of Ved every Master or Guru or Rushy as a human being had acquired the deep knowledge of a particular force created by main Natural Energy Vibrations. To each force the respective Rushi gave a name as a Dev or Devi for the benefit of a layman. These Rushi or Guru realized the need to maintain the harmony and continuity of human race, they collectively helped to form a set of rules and duties to be followed by every individual human being and acknowledged those rules as Sanatan Dharm, had no originator, never ending and no location boundaries.
But Religion is formed by an individual, as a representative of God and acknowledged as Prophet. Religion has various interpretation of rules and duties to be followed by every individual human being depending upon the location of that prophet. The followers of the Sanatan Dharm were formed as a large group called Samaj = society. The Rushi or Guru had knowledge and expertise of each organ in a human body, so they formed the society as a human body working with collective process of each organ. They developed the society in four classified groups – Bramhan – Kshatriya – Vaishaya – Shoodra (not Kshudra means neglected) of individuals, who had specific qualities and abilities to perform.
Brahman – as an adviser, the duties of a Brahman was to gather and process external and internal information for betterment of the society, other three organs had to help these advisers to function, not to create a hurdle. Kshatriya – to take care of external and internal safety / security measures for the society, other three organs had to help Hands and Legs to carryout the duties in best possible manner. Vaisha – to deal with external and internal required resources of every organ of the society, other three organs had to help   Vaisha organs to function. Shoodra – to handle internal required communications of each and every organ, irrespective of importance in the society. Other three organs had to help the Shoodra organ to function with equal importance as others. Every individual of the society had to take care of his/her own hygiene and the disposal without disturbing others.The Cast was decided as per a job selected by an individual for living a comfortable life, provided he or she had ability to carry out that job. It was not necessary, the children born in a cast can not select some other job. The selected job used to affect the daily routine, so the food habits/intake, so the thinking habits, so the approach to life. Every Cast had equal importance and bindings in the society like a normal human being following the law of Sanatan Dharm. Today there are lot of confusion and hate campaigns to abuse that old society structure and the way of life. There are followers of modern way of living, expecting change in life style like changes of natural seasons. I do not find any change in the structure or form of seasons causing drastic change in human forms and daily routine.This modern way of life, society is a public limited company with pyramid like structure, someone at the top and rest are spread within the boundaries of that pyramid with levels spreading from top to bottom, accepted by the top boss. There is a CEO, advisers / directors, group of executives, managers, supervisors, workers and then beggars searching for the food. This modern society has no binding of Dharm or Religion, conventional Class or Cast. Each group in this company has unions to put forward the demands of each follower of that group. There is separate education system to qualify an individual in particular field of services. The fact is the education system and syllabus are controlled by a CEO or advisers or executives from this public limited company. This new public limited company has goals, aiming for monetary gains, for that these people are ready to sell this company to highest bidder, if possible acquire other companies by wooing them for better life. Oh no, there is no room for human emotions and values, money is God.
I wonder by Whom, Why, How the Sanatan Dharm was twisted, interpreted as outdated and so neglected in this modern India. Though Sanatan Dharm existed in this part of the world for millions of years, even today there are followers / admirers and will be there in future, I hope so.
Next The Invaders.
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