NRI ?????

18 Feb

NRI is officially Non Resident Indian, in reality I was treated in India as Not Required Indian, if I ask fees for the job I did. Almost everyone I met asked free service or advice from me.1977 got a break in my monotonous life. I joined a company in Iran, as a Plant Technician Electronics. That company was making Biscuits, Wafers, Sweets, Corn products, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics products. Without any previous experience of automated interlocking system I completed many important jobs for that company. There was an air compressor, supplying pressurized air to the oil fired burners of biscuit ovens. After many complaints of failed air supply I made an automatic motor control for that compressor and advised them to increase the capacity of the air tank.

There were four dough mixing machines, mixing rate was 800 KG/hour dough, for biscuits. That dough used to get flattened to a required size long sheet. As per the ingredients pressure of rollers and the dough feed speed had to be set to form a continuous long sheet. Before I joined they were spending many hours to set the right feed speed. While setting the right speed the overloading of drives used to damage Electronic motor control units. I did formulate a method to start and control flow of the biscuit dough for every line of biscuits. With my method the starting time was around 30 minutes and the control unit damage occurrences almost stopped. Every morning at 4 I was called to assist and watch the correct flow to start the production line of biscuits and synchronize the flow of biscuits. That was production supervisor’s job yet every time starting was done by me for trouble free production for the entire shift.

Those electronic motor control units were using Thyristors for accurate stabilized speed control. The failure rate was very high. From specification sheets of those Thyristors I had found out that the high altitude from sea level of that plant was the cause of that failure. I had sent my findings to the Manufacturer and they sent appreciation for finding out the solution and sent me some 200 hundred Thyristors and VDRs free of cost.

There were 4 lines for biscuit production, out of those line 3 was shut down, two years in row there was big explosions. Even the roof of the plant was blown away. After I joined the manager gave me the challenge to solve that explosion problem. There were seven oil fired burners on each line. I enquired the senior production supervisor the history of those explosions. Based on that information I suspected the air pressure drop could be the cause of explosions. I installed air pressure gauges on burner one and the last burner seven on Line 3 oven. While other three line working I asked the operator to start firing burner one to seven one by one of the third line. At the third burner firing I noticed the air pressure drop at the gauge on burner seven. After rearranging the supply pipes and bigger air supply tank. Till the time I was with the company for three more years, there was no explosion.

As a Plant technician electronics I was not responsible for any electrical jobs, yet I had installed and commissioned auto start up / shut down system on 5MW generator, on the request of the Plant Manager. Also installed change over automation of 22KV power line changing to generator and back to main supply line during power cut operations. During the installation the Iranian jealous electrical supervisor tried to operate main generator switch and caused a huge explosion. I had taken extra precaution of shorting the main feed cables by very thick chain to safe guard the 6 Iranian colleagues working with me on that 22KV electrical supply line.

There were huge production losses caused by faulty Capsule packing and Injection bottle packing machines. The maintenance supervisor at Pharmaceutical Plant in Tehran was unable to rectify the fault for three months in a row. That Plant manager called me through my Plan

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