Job in a Bank????

12 Feb

First time I was exposed to work culture in an organization during 1972 – 75 job in that educational institution. That job was more of maintaining personal relations with authorities than doing good proper work towards education as a technician. That resulted in leaving that job. A friend of mine told me to meet maintenance engineer for a job in the 22 storied central office building of a bank. This engineer was newly appointed in that bank, the old staff was not supportive, lot of infighting.

I had to maintain the smoke detection system installed in the entire building. The electrician colleague was not good at electronic devices, those were used in the building. I had been told to help him as well. Within couple of months I was showing good results and prompt actions on malfunctions of devices. The electrician colleague was more exposed for his delaying tactics in attending the emergencies.

All these sort of conditions brought me to a fatal accident. The job timing for me and the electrician was different. He used to come and go earlier than me by two hours. During my fifth month in that bank, on one occasion in the evening the electrician had left and I had to attend a call of defective auto control of a water pump located on 23rd service floor. As a rule for safety precautions I removed the main fuse holders from the main panel located in the 24/7 manned security control room on ground floor. I kept those fuse holders in my cupboard, locked the cupboard shared with that electrician and made entries of my actions in the log book of that control room.

I went to 23rd service floor gone on top of 15 feet ladder, opened the control panel and put my screwdriver on the 400 volt connectors. BANG !!!! an explosion, I fell down from the ladder. I was bleeding. It took me 15 minutes to catch a lift and go down to the ground floor control room. There were few people in the lift, surprised to see me bleeding. In the control room the log had entry by the on duty security guard that the electrician had replaced the fuse holders because the fault was rectified and wanted to test the pump. But the gate keeper had seen that electrician running out of the building around same time of my accident. Duty security guard gave the first aid and the bleeding stopped. Those people who saw me bleeding in the lift came along with security guard to verify my accident at 23rd floor. The security guard made entries of entire episode in the control room log book.

Next day there was an inquiry of that accident. First that electrician had shown ignorance of that accident. After the reading of control room log by the chief engineer and security officer he got frightened ” please forgive me, I have not done this for any purpose, it just happened as routine check before leaving.” I understood the intention, it was simply jealousy, that electrician found my job as a threat to his future. Till today I believe ” It is alright not have friends , but no enemy is much better.” I left that job on the same day of that accident inquiry. That was one more incident taught me the work culture in large size organizations.

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